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Research projects that the mobile app security market will grow by USD 16.68 billion from 2021 to 2026. And as the number of mobile apps continue to grow, so too does the importance of mobile app security for security analysts and developers. Because the market shows no signs of slowing down, industry professionals would do well to continue to develop their skills and stay current with the latest mobile application security threats and best practices for safeguarding data. 

With dozens of new vulnerabilities and potential threats surfacing daily, mobile pen testers, security analysts and developers must thoroughly understand basic security principles and best practices. One of the best ways to demonstrate security expertise is to obtain a mobile app security testing certification from a credible expert. 

In this article, we’ll cover the significance of mobile app security testing certifications, their benefits, and some of the best places to obtain them.

What Is NowSecure Academy?

NowSecure Academy is one of the premier training and certification programs in mobile app security. NowSecure Academy provides self-service mobile app security and privacy courses, best practices, certificates, resources, and more. 

To provide easier access to mobile security training to busy security and development teams, NowSecure built NowSecure Academy from the ground up to support the broader mobile app community. NowSecure Academy provides a centralized repository of free mobile AppSec online courses, how-to guides, paid certificate programs and NowSecure product training for NowSecure customers. 
Ultimately, NowSecure training and certificate programs seek to empower security analysts and mobile developers with the tools and skills necessary to strengthen mobile security and implement more secure coding practices. This helps teams develop more secure apps, reduce the potential for data breaches, and even helps brands improve their reputation among partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Mobile Application Security Foundations Certificate

The courses in the Mobile Application Security Foundations certificate learning path empower mobile app security champions by expanding your mobile AppSec knowledge and skills. These courses result from the dedicated work of many teams at NowSecure, one of the leading mobile app security and privacy software companies. Security experts from the NowSecure Services and Research teams designed the courses.

The courses in this certificate learning path target those who want to improve their mobile AppSec skills. Previous knowledge and experience with mobile apps and mobile app security can be helpful but is not a requirement. 

While this certification path lasts only about one hour, the program comprises 4 courses with multiple lessons and a final exam. Upon successfully passing the exam, users will receive their certificate. And even though the duration’s design allows individuals to complete the courses in approximately 60 minutes, the entire program is self paced, which means users can progress at a speed that allows them to absorb and retain the information more thoroughly.

The four courses must be taken sequentially, as each is a prerequisite for the next. They are:

Mobile Application Security Professional Certificate

Building on the Mobile Application Security Foundations certificate, the Mobile Application Security (MAS) Professional Certificate enables enterprises to advance their mobile AppSec knowledge and skills. This fee-based professional-level certificate is exclusively for enterprises and unavailable to individuals. Complete a brief registration form here.

The MAS Professional certificate targets those in security organizations as well as those directly involved in mobile app development, release and compliance who want to learn more. By the end of the track, participants will be prepared to build their mobile app security toolkit and test mobile apps. Students will gain exposure to methods the NowSecure team uses to test and exploit common security vulnerabilities and obtain hands-on experience searching for vulnerabilities. 

Mobile application security leaders should consider enrolling their teams in this path to add mobile security into an existing web security program, reduce risk by ensuring staff have the proper skills and best practices, boost productivity and efficiency and complete mobile app pen testing faster to speed release. And individuals benefit by becoming a more proficient pen teste. Attaining an expert certification can help security pros earn a compensation adjustment or promotion or unlock a new career.

The MAS Pro learning path covers 11 topics that must be taken in sequential order. The curriculum takes roughly 3 hours to complete. You will receive your certificate after completing a final exam.

Course takers must complete these modules:

  • Welcome to Mobile Application Security Professional Certificate Learning Path
  • Introduction to Mobile DevSecOps & Threat Modeling
  • Data Storage and Privacy
  • Cryptography
  • Authentication & Session Management
  • Network Communication
  • Platform Interaction
  • Code Quality and Build Settings
  • Resiliency
  • Write a Report
  • Conclusion

Secure Mobile Development Professional Certificate

Like the Mobile Application Security Professional certificate,, the Secure Mobile Development Professional certificate learning path is exclusively for enterprises and unavailable to individuals. You may complete a brief registration request form for parties interested in registering for this certificate learning path here

Like individuals, organizations can benefit from NowSecure Academy services. By ensuring that your company’s developers have ample professional development opportunities and secure coding knowledge, you can help reduce the risk of data breaches and other security vulnerabilities while investing in the longevity and success of your business operations.

This certificate learning path provides eight unique courses designed with developers in mind, and the entire process can take approximately three and a half hours to complete. Multiple lessons throughout the courses and the learning path culminates with a final exam. You will receive your official certificate of completion upon successfully passing the exam. 

Coursetakers must complete each course in the following order: 

Similar to the security analyst track, developers and security champions can take the Intro to Mobile App Security course from this learning path at no charge to obtain a Secure Mobile Development Foundations certificate. This self-paced course includes eight lessons and takes about an hour to complete.

Ready to Up Your Security Certificate Game?

As the mobile app industry continues to innovate and release cycles accelerate, security will remain a top concern for analysts, developers and app makers. A mobile app security testing certification from a reputable source like NowSecure can validate your mobile app security expertise and help you stay up to date with the latest cyberthreats and best practices.

NowSecure Academy services can benefit individuals and mobile app development and security teams. Even seasoned app developers can benefit from training by upskilling on secure codings. And because the courses are designed to be flexible, busy industry professionals can find a course or training program that suits their needs and schedule.

NowSecure Academy is a trusted provider of mobile app training and certifications, offering a wide range of online and in-person courses. By enrolling in a training program and obtaining a certification, you can improve your knowledge and skills in mobile app security while enhancing your general career prospects.

To learn more about how you can help ensure the safety and security of your mobile apps, visit NowSecure Academy.