Upcoming Events

Join our team and other security professionals at these great upcoming events.

[Webinar] Accelerating DevOps with Autonomous Security Observability

Join Brian Reed, Chief Mobility Officer of NowSecure and Jeff Williams, Co-Founder and CTO of Contrast Security in this best practices session to learn how autonomous security can power your teams and pipelines to the next level.
January 21, 2021

[Webinar] Optimizing Security Velocity in Your DevSecOps Pipeline at Scale

Businesses are driving development teams to build, test and deliver app innovations faster and faster, while attackers continue to grow in sophistication and complexity. Join Brian Reed, Chief Mobility Officer of NowSecure and Dan Cornell, Co-Founder and CTO of ThreadFix in this best practices session to learn how to drive efficiencies in team and pipeline performance at scale.
February 18, 2021

[Webinar] Integrating Security Into the Software Development Lifecycle

Best-in-class organizations apply Secure by Design principles to build security into custom applications from the ground up, and then pair them with automated mobile app security and privacy testing to ensure closed-loop success at speed and scale. Join Brian Reed, Chief Mobility Officer of NowSecure and Jason Michael Perry, CTO & VP of Engineering at Mindgrub in this case study driven session with step by step guide for Secure by Design.
March 25, 2021

[Webinar] The Threat Modeling Manifesto in a Mobile First World

The Threat Modeling Manifesto was created by a team of 15 security veterans and experts, including Chris Romeo, CEO of Security Journey and a veteran security expert focused on developing security culture through training and education. During this session, he will talk with Brian Reed, Chief Mobility Officer at Now Secure about why the manifesto was written, how you can use it as a foundational piece of your threat modeling program, and practical application tips for a mobile first world.
April 22, 2021

[Webinar] Powering DevSecOps CI/CD Pipeline Success with Continuous Testing

Today leading QA and security teams are turning to automated Continuous Testing (CT) tools for both functional and security testing in their build processes to meet the speed and scale requirements of the business. Join Brian Reed, NowSecure Chief Mobility Officer, and Eran Kinsbruner, Perfecto Chief Evangelist, as they share industry trends and case study insights on how successful organizations optimize their CI/CD/CT pipelines.
May 20, 2021

[Tradeshow] InfoSec London 2021

Meet the world's most innovative suppliers and cyber experts, immerse yourself in hands-on tech and learn from world-renowned speakers and thought-leaders. Get the insight and education you need need to manage information and cyber risk to build resilience within complex organisations.
June 08, 2021
 - June 10, 2021

[Webinar] Streamlining the DevSecOps Tool Chain to Deliver High-Quality Mobile Apps Faster

Learn how the CircleCI with full enterprise-grade CI/CD and NowSecure all-in-one mobile app SAST+DAST+IAST+APIsec can boost your program performance, raising the bar on security while dramatically reducing complexity and dependencies. Join Brian Reed, NowSecure Chief Mobility Officer, and Experts from CircleCI as they discuss the latest industry innovations and customer best practices for streamlining your mobile DevSecOps chain for simplicity and speed.
June 17, 2021

[Tradeshow] BlackHat 2021

Got mobile apps? Get NowSecure! Crafted from decade of mobile pen testing and genius of Frida & Radare. NowSecure Workstation - Power Tools for Pen Testers to slash 2 weeks to 1 day. NowSecure Platform - Automated Security Testing for DevSecOps to test every build, every day. Visit NowSecure in the Business Hall to get the latest in information security, research, and trends in the security community. To learn more or to schedule a demo, contact us.        
July 31, 2021
 - August 05, 2021
Las Vegas

[Event] Connect 2021

Connect people. Connect ideas. Connect technology. Join the premier mobile DevSecOps and OSS conference that brings together leaders, innovators, practitioners and industry influencers with a shared passion for delivering secure mobile apps at scale.  
September 07, 2021
 - September 10, 2021
Washington, DC

[Virtual Event] ADDO 2021

NowSecure is a proud sponsor of All Day DevOps, the world’s largest DevOps conference. Join us for this free online event with more than 180+ Speakers across 130 Countries - all in 24 hours.
October 28, 2021

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