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NowSecure Mobile App Penetration Testing Services

Tap the world’s most advanced array of vulnerability and compliance assessment services managed by the NowSecure expert team. NowSecure Mobile App Pen Testing service thoroughly tests the security and privacy of internally built and externally sourced mobile apps. Customers leverage our decade-plus experience spanning threat modeling, attack scenarios, standards  development, compliance verifications and remediation coaching learned through tens of thousands of assessments.

NowSecure Penetration Testing by the Numbers


Years of mobile app security expertise


Mobile app penetration tests completed


Standards-based verifications and certifications completed


2 days rapid scope pen tests & 2 weeks full scope pen tests

The Experts in Mobile App Pen Testing

Penetration Tests are essential for initial mobile app releases, major updates, handling of sensitive data, and industry compliance. NowSecure Pen Test engagements embrace a consultative approach to threat model the mobile app, identify security issues, and provide actionable outputs with remediation consultation and retesting for verification.

Confidence to Deliver More Secure Apps

NowSecure Pen Testing Services always start with an analysis of risk profile and threat model to granularly identify the level of security testing required for each mobile application. By customizing the approach to testing based on the risk profile and threat model of a mobile app, NowSecure delivers accurate, relevant, and actionable results. These empower the organization to remediate the most important issues and release blockers to release the mobile app on time with higher confidence that users, data and IP are protected.

Test for Complex Requirements

NowSecure expert analysts go beyond surface level testing to achieve deep coverage leveraging OWASP MASVS and MSTG, NowSecure tools, frida, radare, and industry best practice learned testing more than 11,000 mobile apps. They accomplish this feat by conducting a manual analysis of data at rest, network communication, authentication and authorization, backend APIs and binary code quality. This approach includes reverse engineering resiliency, cryptographic implementations and flagging outdated or vulnerable third-party libraries including open-source elements. NowSecure handles complex app requirements such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and USB connectivity to external devices, non-standard platforms, IoT devices or other functionality requiring advanced scoping.

Collaborate to Repair and Verify Fixes

A primary challenge to enterprises is understanding the mobile app issues discovered and rapidly remediating them. NowSecure experts consult with dev and security teams to speed resolution. Upon initial completion, experts retest to verify that any critical vulnerabilities isolated in the pen test were thoroughly fixed.

Meet Compliance Mandates

Many industry standards and regulations require an analytics-rich penetration test far beyond conventional web or mobile app security testing in order to document compliance. NowSecure Pen Testing services enable customer organizations to meet or exceed these standards in a dependable, flexible, and timely manner. Gain official certifications from NowSecure as an ADA Authorized Lab and IoXt Authorized Lab, or OWASP MASVS verification.

World Class Mobile Penetration Testing

Thoroughly Assess Applications with Full Scope Pen Testing Services

With more than 12 years of mobile app penetration testing experience, NowSecure customizes customer scope with an in-depth consultation about the mobile app threat profile, sensitive data, intellectual property, and possible mobile app exploitation details. NowSecure Full Scope Pen Testing pinpoints mobile app testing to move far beyond web app testing with purpose built tools and tactics. This level of analysis also gives the analyst’s expertise of forensic, network, and mobile analysis and reverse engineering to test your application and provide comprehensive analysis of security vulnerabilities identified in that feature set. Analysts then test to industry-recognized standards for mobile security and provide expert consulting on how to remediate according to best practices.

Standards-based Assessment and Reporting

NowSecure expert pen tests leverage security industry standards such as the OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) and the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). NowSecure offers certification for NIAP, ioXt, and MASA ADA. In addition to providing an executive summary to share with stakeholders, a NowSecure pen test report outlines detailed attack scenarios prioritized by risk and severity. The report details important contextual information such as the likelihood of occurrence and potential organization impact. And best of all, the report instructs developers on remediation steps to take to fix their mobile app.

Collaborative Remediation and Re-Testing

Once NowSecure experts complete the initial pen test, the real collaboration begins. Rather than simply sending out a report, NowSecure analysts step up as expert trusted advisors for the mobile app security and mobile app development teams. We meet with both teams to review the results and consult with developers to walk them through the steps of fixing security bugs. Along with offering coaching and fielding questions during the issue resolution process, where applicable for full scope and compliance tests NowSecure conducts a no cost…

Third-party Attestation

Once the expert analyst team verifies a mobile app meets security or compliance requirements, we offer a public NowSecure Certified badge and online listing customer products actively meeting the high standards of our mobile app security assessments. This independent third-party certification assures users that app makers properly implement security measures and manage sensitive PII data.

The NowSecure Difference

NowSecure delivers the industry-most effective Mobile App Pen Testing service, an expert-led, consultative approach designed to ensure high quality mobile app releases and reliable certification. With more than 12 years of dedicated mobile focus, proven experience testing thousands of mobile apps, and unmatched mobile security expertise, NowSecure offers accurate, deep, and thorough coverage and a customized test approach. Combine the company’s approach, in-depth testing regime with exemplary customer service, flexible scheduling, and fast turnaround time to discover how NowSecure operates as a customer’s unique and valuable mobile app SWAT team. NowSecure goes a step further with detailed reporting, risks prioritized based on severity and potential impact, remediation assistance, and remediation-confirming retesting to offer hands down the best mobile app pen testing services available.

Full Suite of Pen Testing Options to Meet Your Requirements

Our experts start customers with a threat model to ensure the testing regime is customized to specific mobile app needs. From that point, NowSecure experts consult on remediation guidance and verification efforts and validate fixes along with mitigations through a no-cost re-test before customer acceptance and mobile app release.


The OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) is the definitive standard for mobile app security. NowSecure is the only pen testing provider to perform explicit OWASP MASVS pen testing using advanced tooling, expertise and the OWASP MSTG, giving organizations confidence they have achieved the highest standard in the industry.


NowSecure was selected by Google as an ADA Authorized Lab to perform independent security reviews as part of the Google Play Data safety section. Google announced that Play developers must publish disclosures in their Google Play listings detailing how their apps collect, share, and secure user data. To drive higher download rates by showing users they are safeguarding trust, Developers can turn to NowSecure to independently review their android mobile apps. NowSecure tests using the highest standard of mobile security and privacy, established by the App Defense Alliance (ADA) using the Mobile Application Security Assessment (MASA). Mobile apps that receive the independent security validation will be shown in the Google Play Data safety section to inform users that their mobile app meets this heightened standard.

NowSecure Rapid Assessment – Rapid Security Insight

NowSecure Rapid Assessment delivers exceptional value by matching the expertise of our security analysts with the speed and coverage of NowSecure technology solutions for a rapid turnaround. Rapid mobile app pen automated testing is conducted in 2 days by NowSecure Security Analysts using advanced pen testing skills and NowSecure tools.

NowSecure Targeted Scope Pen Test – Deep-dive feature security testing

NowSecure Targeted Scope Pen Testing utilizes best of breed tools and the hands-on expertise of forensic, network, and mobile analysts and reverse engineers to test a specific feature or workflow of your mobile app and provide comprehensive analysis of security vulnerabilities identified in that specific feature set. NowSecure security analyst-driven targeted scope pen test results are returned in 1 weeks time for full depth analysis of particular feature/workflow of the mobile app.

NowSecure Full Score Pen Test – Deep-dive application security testing

NowSecure Full Scope Pen Testing occurs over 2 weeks’ time and utilizes comprehensive tools and the first hand expertise of forensic, network, and mobile analysts and reverse engineers to threat model and assess mobile apps and then provide comprehensive analysis of security vulnerabilities identified in that mobile app. Analysts test to industry-recognized standards for mobile security, provide expert consulting on how to remediate according to best practices and retest to confirm proper remediation.



We reached out to NowSecure and were pleased that they rapidly responded in 24 hours to test our mobile app so we could speed it to market from start to finish in just a few weeks.”

Vicki Seyfert-Margolis


Combine Periodic Manual with Continuous Automated Testing

Mobile app security testing programs often require both periodic manual testing and continuous automated testing. NowSecure offers penetration testing services to support periodic manual tests but also provides NowSecure Platform which can be integrated directly into the development lifecycle. This integration enables DevSecOps and empowers security and development teams to bridge the security gap and deliver secure mobile apps faster.

Manually Test Complex Mobile Apps

Pair penetration tests from NowSecure experts with penetration tests from your experts. Equip your security analysts with a toolkit of the most advanced mobile app security and privacy testing solutions for mobile apps that utilize Bluetooth, BLE, IoT, VPN, and more.

Secure Your Mobile Supply Chain

NowSecure Penetration Testing is a fantastic solution for the mobile apps that your organization builds, but the mobile apps that your employees use can introduce security and privacy risks. NowSecure Platform offers your security and compliance teams a way to recognize which apps should and should not be allowed on the enterprise network.

Learn from NowSecure Experts

NowSecure Academy is a free training platform for mobile app development and security teams to upskill and learn mobile app building and testing best practices. These best practices often come from the team of NowSecure experts that also pen test your mobile apps.

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