The depth and scope of NowSecure Platform testing gives customers assurance that their mobile AppSec programs meet the highest industry standard.

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NowSecure Platform Guided Testing

As mobile apps continue to change the world with innovative new features, security teams are faced with the challenge of testing complex workflows and advanced protection with speed.

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NowSecure has introduced a new type of testing that combines the expertise of a NowSecure Analyst with the power of NowSecure Platform automation to provide deep analysis with unmatched mobile app coverage.

Cover More of the Mobile App Attack Surface

Mobile apps are growing in number, usage, and complexity across all industries. The power of mobile apps to grow revenue, strengthen brand, and engage customers is invaluable. As delivery speed accelerates and security requirements become more complex, organizations must adopt next generation approaches.

The Automated Power of NowSecure Platform

NowSecure Platform runs a battery of more than 600+ security and privacy tests using SAST, DAST, IAST, and APISec to generate data, reports, issue tickets and Dynamic SBOMs. With a false positive rate of less than 1%, developers and security teams trust the findings of NowSecure Platform assessments and use customization to accommodate for the complexity, testability, release cadence, and risk profile of each mobile app in their portfolio.

Industry Leading Mobile App Security Expertise

NowSecure offers the most extensive mobile app security testing expertise available. Over more than a dozen years of testing, NowSecure Analysts have completed more than 11,000 mobile app pen tests and completed more than 400 standards-based verifications and certifications. NowSecure Pen Testing services base assessments on risk profile and test requirements, and include consultation on threat modeling and remediation tactics. All these activities create the most robust collection of mobile app security expertise in the industry.

Guided Testing Combines Automation and Analyst Expertise for Unmatched Coverage

Recognized by NowSecure Customers as a highly valuable new option, NowSecure Platform Guided Testing introduces a fast, easy testing option for high risk mobile apps or those with complex requirements. By combining automation and expert interaction, deeper coverage that traditionally was only available in periodic manual penetration tests can be delivered at a more regular cadence at lower cost. NowSecure Platform Guided Testing is a new security testing strategy that makes NowSecure Platform even more flexible, powerful, and efficient for development and security teams.

Get Broad Mobile App Coverage and Test Beyond Anti-Automation

By utilizing NowSecure Platform Guided Testing, development and security teams can test the mobile app’s most critical, commonly used, or sensitive workflows in order to ensure coverage for the most important parts of the mobile app. The NowSecure Analyst navigating the mobile app addresses security controls like 2FA, MFA, CAPTCHA, QR code, and even commands like “blink while you look at the camera.” Guided Testing enables organizations to efficiently dial in security testing to match the risk of the mobile app, delivering previously unavailable coverage at the speed required for mobile DevSecOps.

The NowSecure Difference

NowSecure Platform Guided Testing is an innovative security testing technique from the NowSecure suite of mobile app security testing solutions. By combining the power of automated testing, expert guidance and other NowSecure solutions, organizations can build best-in-class mobile app security testing programs.

Automated Testing for Mobile DevSecOps

The depth of testing provided by NowSecure Platform is flexible and customizable, with NowSecure Platform Guided Testing being the most thorough. For teams looking to integrate NowSecure Platform into the SDLC for continuous, dev-driven testing, NowSecure Platform can be configured to run with or without authentication autonomously inside any developer toolchain. These assessments should be used to test every build every day to quickly identify and remediate high and medium severity issues.

Even More Coverage with Pen Testing from NowSecure

NowSecure Platform Guided Testing is a unique way to combine automated and manual mobile app security testing and take advantage of the testing expertise offered by NowSecure. Adding NowSecure Pen Testing Services and NowSecure Workstation powers security teams with expert third-party, manual assessments and certifications, plus the industry leading, purpose-built hardware and software kit that compresses mobile app vulnerability assessments down to hours and enables repeatable, standards-based testing with pre-formatted reporting.

Learn from the Experts Free, On Demand

The mobile app security testing expertise that NowSecure has gained over more than a decade — and uses to complete Guided Tests — is available for free at NowSecure Academy. NowSecure Academy is a completely free training platform where development and architecture teams can learn the best practices for writing secure code from the start and security and QA teams can learn how to efficiently and effectively test mobile apps for security issues. By taking advantage of these free resources, teams can sharpen their skills to build and test mobile apps faster.

Testing Tailored to Your Compliance Requirements

The NowSecure Platform Policy Engine combines relevant compliance requirements, customized CVSS scores, and prioritized findings to create a standard policy at an organization, team, or app level. This risk-based standard policy customizes the results surfaced in security tests like NowSecure Platform Guided Testing to make sure developers only get the tickets that are critical to fix while security teams get tickets that require more investigation. These requirements also serve as guidance for the NowSecure Analysts exercising the application for coverage.

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