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Meet the Mission with NowSecure

Public sector IT requirements across federal, state and local governments center around a mission of mobile modernization with goals to drive workforce productivity, enable citizen communication and facilitate staff recruitment and retention. Across virtually all federal, state, civilian and DoD agencies, mobile apps increasingly are built directly such as Dept of Health, Homeland Security, State of Maryland, Census Bureau and NYC Public Works. From first responder to community information sharing, these mobile apps enhance staff and citizen engagement connecting from everywhere using a variety of devices, extending the agency’s security perimeter.

Power of 3: BESPIN, DevSecOps and SCRUM

NowSecure helps Federal, local or state agencies, including AirForce’s BESPIN software factory, deliver secure mobile apps anywhere, anytime, and for any mission. These three elements depend on synchronized automation, cooperation between Development and Operations and a real-time SCRUM framework.

Mobile apps are critical to enabling the Air Force to meet our mission around the world. We are excited to partner with experts like NowSecure to bring automated mobile app security testing and NIAP compliance into our BESPIN program. This new capability can help the Air Force, DoD and federal agencies confidently unleash more widespread development and use of mobile apps. From the SBIR award a year ago to shipping products today, we are achieving our goals of moving fast with continuous innovation.
Captain Michael Valentin,   Air Force BESPIN Operations & Support Service Manager

Assess Risk Across Mobile Supply Chain

Gain a security baseline of your 3rd party mobile app supply chain risk through expert services, on-demand software, or integrated into your EMM/MDM environment. NowSecure Platform performs static, dynamic interactive security analysis and APISec testing across the mobile apps in your environment. Identify specific apps and vulnerabilities posing a significant security threat and supply chain risks. Within the mobile risk assessment, NowSecure documents details of findings, plus recommendations on reducing an organization’s mobile app risk ultimately improving the Federal, local or state agency Enterprise Security Score.

Testing mobile app vetting requirements of NIAP v1.3 Protection Profile for Application Software

Federal agencies rapidly test for NIAP mobile app vetting and compliance to speed production deployments of critical mobile applications. NowSecure NIAP Mobile App Vetting offers the only automated solution in the industry testing for all 50+ requirements for mobile app vetting from the NIAP v1.3 Protection Profile for Application Software. Step-by-step interactive workflow for NIAP assessors’ reviews and finalizes results in a few hours, generates a detailed, high-quality report ready for ATO submission.

Build & Test NIAP-Compliant Apps Faster

NowSecure is proud to partner with Monkton, AWS, Apple, Samsung, Duo, MobileIron, GitLab, Takteon, RedHorse, TriVir and Emerging Technology to assess, build and deliver highly targeted NIAP-compliant mobile apps on standardized and pre-certified technology stack by mobile app development experts. From prototype in less than 60 days to certified in production in less than 6 months, Mission: Mobility is designed to overcome the traditional custom mobile app hurdles to achieve fast outcomes.

Automated Mobile App Vetting Engine

The NowSecure Platform test engine saves time and improves security weakness discovery rates with automated static, APISec testing and interactive analysis of Android and iOS mobile applications on real devices for deep, accurate and comprehensive testing in minutes. Test for all 50+ mobile app vetting requirements from the NIAP v1.3 Protection Profile for Application Software.

Mobile App Pen Testing Kit Built by Pen Testers, for Pen Testers

Designed for complex mobile app configurations, NowSecure Workstation offers agency teams DevSecOp advantages including pre-configured proprietary tests leveraging open-source tools like Frida and Radare so analysts focus on hunting security and privacy flaws. Analytics detail critical attack surfaces to continually test and remediate. Public sector mobile app security testing avoids disruption, corruption, or dysfunction and possible debilitating effects on security, national economic security, national public health, or safety.

MITRE Mobile ATT&CK Threat Framework

Public Sector clients should leverage the MITRE ATT&CK framework to better understand the mobile risks and threats their agency faces. This approach expedites implementation of mobile app security controls that are required to protect from specific types of real world threats found in mobile.

Mitigate Mobile App Risks with NowSecure

Mobile apps are infused across the public sector spanning from inventory to field service to time tracking and more. NowSecure covers all regulations, compliance and security testing across the entire user and supplier audience.

Meet and Maintain Continuous ATO Requirements

Authority to Operate (ATO) culminates from the security authorization requirements including speed, continuous uptime, monitoring and risk mitigation for mobile app leverage of information technology systems in the US federal government.

Understand the Requirements for Mobile App Developers

Mobile apps deliver real-time tracking, simplified communication across the supply chain and integrated the various processes. In a Frost & Sullivan research study to digitize the supply chain, mobile apps provide a savings of 20% in procurement costs, and a substantial 50% in overall supply chain costs. More than 33% of these users plan on expanding their deployment to minimize inventory holding costs. Continuous app development and delivery from developers is necessary for agencies to continue growing these benefits.

Government Experts on Staff

NowSecure government solutions engineers and sales representatives have accumulated more than 30 years’ experience in the government sector and security clearance, are based in the National Capital Region (NCR), and can meet in-person at your convenience.


Continuous Monitoring and Risk Mitigation for Mobile

Aligned with frameworks from the National Institute of Standards and Technology Assurance Partnership (NIST) and the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CsFC) Program managed by the National Security Agency (NSA), our mobile app security technology tests public apps on Apple® App Store® and Google Play™, reports vulnerability severity based on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), and maps findings to protection profiles from the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP). Check out our MobileRiskTracker to see live benchmarks and learn about NowSecure’s ATO benefits right now.

Protect Against Supply Chain Attacks

Software Supply Chain attacks have far reaching impacts and are both time consuming and expensive to mitigate.

Cybersecurity Executive Order Impacts Mobile Apps

All mobile app developers and federal agencies using mobile apps can leverage NowSecure expertise. This knowledge helps secure valuable government assets while meeting new cybersecurity requirements to avoid decommission or blocks to new purchases.



We rarely get things that are ready to go out of the box, but when we received the NowSecure solution, we were up and running the same day.”

Derrick Smith

CEO, NSight365

Get a Demo of Automated NIAP Mobile App Vetting

Speed up ATO and mobile app development across federal agencies with rapid NIAP self-assessments.