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Mobile App Vetting for Supply Chain Risk Management

Risks in the mobile app supply chain impact user safety, sourcing, vendor management, organization continuity, transportation security and more. To proactively protect their mobile app supply chain, organizations can use the always-growing database of NowSecure Platform data continuously monitoring the Apple App Store™ and Google Play™. The NowSecure Mobile Risk Tracker™ shows a live snapshot of the top 5000 mobile apps by industry group to help organizations understand the risk profile of the mobile app supply chain. Leverage NowSecure automated solutions and expertise as the cornerstone of your mobile app supply chain risk management program.

Global Mobile Supply Chain Accelerating


retail mobile commerce sales by 2025, 44% of all retail US ecommerce


NowSecure automated mobile app assessments


of all digital traffic and time spent is on mobile


consumers regularly use retailer mobile applications


use mobile app to purchase, pick up in store, click & collect or curbside

Ensuring Security & Privacy of Public Mobile App Stores

Tuned to your enterprise threat model, the NowSecure automated approach continuously monitors the security, compliance and privacy risks by proactively vetting the mobile app supply chain before mobile app installation can compromise sensitive data or places mobile users at risk.

Proactively Manage Your Mobile App Portfolio

Build policy & governance for mobile apps allowed on employee- and government-owned devices. Integrate mobile app vetting with MDM/EMM products powering whitelist and blacklists of mobile apps to prevent security and privacy compromises – no device agent required. NowSecure demonstrates mobile app vetting today in live running benchmarks.

Continuously Monitoring Ensures Enterprise Protection

Mobile apps often expose sensitive data, conceal vulnerable code, and provide valuable reconnaissance (e.g., corporate credentials) for cross-channel attacks. Ever faster release cycles of mobile apps threaten to push updates to public app stores with new vulnerabilities or regressions that escape into the wild due to lack of proper testing. Organizations must continuously monitor for any new external risks leveraging industry standards. Stay current and act accordingly.

Speed ATO & Mobile App Deployments Across Federal Agencies with the NowSecure NIAP Mobile App Vetting Solution

Federal agencies test rapidly for NIAP compliance to speed production deployments of critical mobile applications. The NowSecure NIAP Mobile App Vetting Solution tests for all 50+ requirements for mobile app vetting from the NIAP v1.3 Protection Profile for Application Software. Sorting vulnerabilities by score and severity is another NowSecure customer advantage.

Vet Your Mobile App Supply Chain Before Any App Gets Installed

X-ray visibility through the entire mobile app portfolio

Gain insight into the apps built and used in one easy-to-use portal – NowSecure Platform.

Triage the entire app portfolio under mobile management

Determine the organization’s unique overall risk score for employee-owned BYO apps – or government-owned devices – including actionable recommendations on risk reduction

Integrate with Existing MDM/EMM Solutions

Stay current with the latest mobile app updates pushed through app stores and adjust usage policies accordingly.

Agentless Mobile App Security

Protect mobile app data on any device without vulnerable agents or profiles using the NowSecure powerful software security test suite.

Supply-Chain Sensitive Mobile App Security Test Cases

Supply chain attacks rose by 42% last year in the U.S. alone, impacting millions of organizations and users. Always-present mobile app threats spotlight supply chain security as more important than ever for several reasons.

Poor supply chain visibility

Lack of insight into third-party supplier or subcontractor provided mobile apps poses major security and compliance risks, especially regulated industries

Compromised data

Leaking data, PII through insecure transmission or insecure storage can lead to theft, breaches, and malicious use by cybercriminals and rogue nation states

Business Reputation damage

Unsecured mobile apps often harm organization’ reputation and potentially result in operational downtime, financial losses, legal action, and regulatory fines.

Third-party mobile app vetting

Attacks often originate with trusted software solution providers unknowingly impacted by malware injection via updates and subsequent user downloads

Remediating Supply Chain cybersecurity

Proactive, measurable communication and analytics across suppliers ensures a repeatable baseline level of security lowering risk

IoT-Connected Mobile App Supply Chain

Widespread use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to track inventories, manage access, monitor physical buildings, manage power systems and process activities amplifies cybersecurity supply chain risk



“It’s a huge workload lifted from my mobile security team.”

Mike McHugh

Mobile Security Program Manager, Department of Justice



We rarely get things that are ready to go out of the box, but when we received the NowSecure solution, we were up and running the same day.”

Derrick Smith

CEO, NSight365

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