The depth and scope of NowSecure Platform testing gives customers assurance that their mobile AppSec programs meet the highest industry standard.

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Mobile App Security Testing

On average, mobile organization users open over 20 applications daily. Speed digital transformation and mobile-first organization processes with mobile app security testing solutions to identify and reduce sophisticated threat vectors.

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Dangers of Insecure Mobile Apps


of all digital traffic & time is spent in mobile vs. web apps


of App Store Apps have Security Flaws that violate OWASP standards


of app store apps leak PII possibly violating CCPA / GDPR


growth in supply chain cyber attacks in the past year


mobile apps and growing across Google Play and Apple App stores

Mobile Threats on the Rise,
Require Automated and Expert
Manual Testing Approaches

Mobile is the enterprise’s largest revenue growth engine but also a growing threat vector highlighting the financial dangers of insecure mobile apps. Statista notes apps will generate nearly $935.2 billion USD with nearly 13.1 billion global mobile devices and connections by 2023. Without automated mobile app testing tools, many apps are dangerously insecure even with widely available, approved for distribution app store availability.

Mobile Apps Present Clear Threat
to Business Data

Mobile AST programs often fail due to poorly defined security requirements and a reliance on legacy web AST tools. The most successful mobile application security testing programs include policies built on standards, developer education and enablement, and integrated automated testing with purpose-built tools. Skyrocketing mobile use for everyday organization processes mandates Mobile AST to reduce costly consequences of data breaches including financial losses, system downtime and brand damage. Without applying security testing best practices, most published mobile applications collect and leak immense PII which can violate CCPA or GDPR.

Mobile App Security Testing
Slows Down Releases

Mobile digital transformation and modern app development practices complicate the process of securing mobile apps as the demand for speed to market can lead to the sacrifice of security measures. Traditional web AST tools are riddled with false positives and manual approaches slam the brakes on agile methodologies. In order to deliver secure mobile apps faster, organizations must utilize automated tools built by mobile experts, integrated directly into development workflows, and configure risk-based policies based on industry best practices from organizations like OWASP.

Fundamental Differences
Between Web and Mobile Apps

Modern mobile threat landscape and application security verification standards include a distinct set of exploitation
vectors. Mobile apps with highly sensitive data require more rigorous security testing in comparison to web applications due to a lack of device-side layered security found behind web firewalls.

Web App

  • Browser inherently isolated from client machine OS and other apps on client
  • Majority of executable code resident on a server behind firewall and other layered protection
  • Browser securely executed SSL/HTTPS process
  • Browser real-time segmentation and control of data from local machine memory and secured files
  • Test frameworks securely fed directly into always secure browser environments

Mobile App

  • Full operating system underlies the app AND other apps open to interact, inject vulnerabilities, and new attack vectors (e.g. SQL and clients-side interjection)
  • Mobile device stores treasure trove of executable app code, IP logic, third party library APIs, data all with weak server-side controls and encryption (e.g. jailbroken devices)
  • Development team required to properly code/update all network calls, authentication, and authorization
  • Developers require hardened code to handle local memory and files with proper barriers to hacker’s lateral movements
  • Hardened iOS and Android OS including encryption, containerization dramatically increases app complexity and unintended data leakage

Best Practices for a Successful Mobile AST Program

Consider the full depth of industry testing resources, developer friendly methods, assets, and accelerators to enable quality mobile applications consistently delivered with quality, rigor, and measurable value across all industries.

Set Mutually Agreed Policies via Standards

Bridge the gap between mobile app security and development by creating standards-based policies. Tiering policies based on PII sensitivities, app attack surfaces, and risk tolerance help drive secure mobile app development and deployment.

Train AppSec and Dev Teams

Upskill mobile app security and development teams by leveraging NowSecure Academy free resources. Shift left as developers write secure code from the start and deliver mobile apps faster and more securely. Shift right as mobile app security analysts learn best practices for thoroughly assessing mobile apps.

Test Continuously for Fast Feedback Loops

Integrate and automate assessments to run in the SDLC on every code commit, pull request, or application build. Quickly identify new vulnerabilities introduced to the codebase and fix them to continuously improve the security posture of the mobile app.

Integrate multiple testing types

Embed Remediation Assistance and Resources

Make findings easy to remediate by providing developers with embedded replication instructions, sample code blocks and Apple and Google documentation. Provide these resources directly in the CI/CD pipeline via integration.

Code Sample

Pen Test for High Risk & Complex Scenarios

Utilize periodic expert mobile app penetration tests or Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS) in addition to automated tests to build a threat model of mobile app security risks, ensure coverage of complex workflows and requirements, and verify fixes and mitigations.

Continuously Monitor Production & App Stores

Assess security risks coming from published, publicly available mobile apps introduced to corporate environments. Integrate mobile app security data into Mobile Device Management solutions to ensure an insecure mobile app bought or downloaded does not introduce new attack vectors.



We reached out to NowSecure and were pleased that they rapidly responded in 24 hours to test our mobile app so we could speed it to market from start to finish in just a few weeks.”

Vicki Seyfert-Margolis


The NowSecure Suite

The most comprehensive suite of Mobile AST solutions purpose built by NowSecure experts to simplify, automate and scale any mobile appsec program.

Industry Leading Automated Mobile AST

Scalable, continuous security assessments, observability, and remediation in the development pipeline for DevSecOps and on-demand scenarios including SAST, DAST, IAST, APISec, and SBOM generation

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Expert Manual Mobile AST

Full-scope and rapid pen testing as a toolkit for pen tester productivity or as a service delivered by experts to test complex, high-risk or IoT-connected mobile apps using proven standards and best-in-class tools

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Monitoring for Third-Party Mobile Apps

Continuous monitoring of mobile app stores, third-party mobile apps and mobile component risk to include in threat intelligence and protect from mobile app supply chain attacks

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Upskill Dev and Sec teams

Free training courseware, how-tos, and certificates for mobile app dev and security teams designed to fill the mobile app cybersecurity skills gap

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