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Security is Critical for Healthcare Apps

Patient data protection and personal safety are paramount. For mHealth mobile apps, a Doctors’ safe daily delivery of time-sensitive healthcare services with HIPAA compliance and PII protection for their patients is critical. Recent publicized mHealth risks include exploitation of mobile apps for insulin delivery and for temperature-dependent vaccine transportation. The NowSecure Solution Suite enables organizations to deploy a comprehensive security program for mobile apps that provide quality of care, critical advice, medicine administration, patient care updates, and digital transformation efficiencies.

App Security Required Protection Against mHealth Personal Information Leaks is Critical

Mobile risks are real! In one case, a malicious exploit of one patient’s records allowed indiscriminate access to the PII of many others. In another case, security researchers found 100 of API endpoints tested vulnerable to broken object level authorization (BOLA) vulnerability attacks allowing unauthorized access to patient PII and PHI. In a third case, 50% of the APIs allowed medical professional users to access the pathology, x-rays, and clinical results of other patients.


of mobile users install health apps


Mobile health-related apps available for download today


people in the US engage a health or fitness app monthly

High Security Standards Require High Performing Tools

Properly secured mHealth app teams integrate security into the pipeline with standards-based continuous automated security testing, training for all stakeholders and periodic pen testing for maximum coverage.

Built-in Security

Millions of mHealth app users count on their app to securely schedule an appointment, review prescriptions, and connect to doctors through a video call for online diagnosis, Covid kits, home health kits or apps. mHealth apps improve the overall health of the patients and require always secure voice, video, and data communications or sensor-based ioXT instances to match patient’s expectations.

Healthcare Compliance Requirements

The largest cost saving benefit from mHealth apps simplifies patient and facility compliance with medication plans, reducing hospital costs by decreasing readmission rates and length of stay. 74% of patients believe wearables and other mHealth apps more efficiently cope with and manage their conditions. To understand the security metrics and always-changing risks associated with these apps, please visit the NowSecure MobileRiskTracker™

Organizations require a complete healthcare solution for 360-degree patient care

Both clinic and emergency room staff depend on mHealth apps to prioritize patients as well as lab results, transport, and hospital admissions. Mandating mHealth security is a good start to protect PII within the app and records. Unfortunately, communication between mHealth apps is easily breached: 100 percent of apps tested failed to implement certificate pinning, enabling researchers to perform person-in-the-middle attacks against the app to observe and manipulate records.

Protect Patient Data and Deliver mHealth Apps Faster with Security Built In

The suite of mobile app security and privacy testing tools that NowSecure provides is perfect for all mHealth app builders and buyers. Patients and practitioners alike are adapting to mobile connectivity and need strategies to identify and remediate the security and privacy risks facing their applications in order to protect their data. Mature mobile appsec testing programs adopt DevSecOps to test, remediate, and deliver quickly.

Deliver Secure Mobile Health Apps Faster

Launch mobile health apps with confidence faster with NowSecure Platform integrated directly into your SDLC. Automated assessments identify security and privacy risks in the tools development and security teams use every day.

Manually Test Your Apps with NowSecure Expertise

NowSecure provides industry leading mobile appsec testing solutions. Your security team can equip themselves with the best mobile app pen testing kits available, or supplement testing with the expertise provided by the NowSecure Pen Testing team.

Shift Further Left With Training

Training is a critical missing link in the development of secure mobile apps. NowSecure Academy is a free resource for all development and security professionals to take advantage of and upskill on secure coding and mobile app testing best practices.

Meet and Stay Compliant with Requirements

Healthcare applications are data-rich with personally identifiable information and heavily regulated with strict compliance requirements. NowSecure embraces standards-based testing with assessments that surface findings tied directly to compliance implications like HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and more. These automated test results, combined with periodic manual assessments, empower mHealth app development and security teams to ship on time with confidence in the security and compliance of the app.

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NowSecure has been a huge benefit because it saves a lot of time and gives us peace of mind knowing we have continuous testing coverage.

Joe DiMarzio

Senior Product Security Engineer, LifeOmic

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