NowSecure Integrates with GitHub Dependabot for Developer-First Mobile Software Supply-Chain Security NowSecure Integrates with GitHub Dependa...

NowSecure Integrates with GitHub Dependabot for Developer-First Mobile Software Supply-Chain Security

NowSecure dynamically generates mobile Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) into GitHub Dependency Graph to help developers ensure they are using latest, safe versions of software component libraries.

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Solutions by Need

Mobile App Security Testing

Not sure where to start? There are many ways to implement mobile app security, but how do you ensure security, privacy and compliance at scale for all of the mobile apps you build and use? Get optimal test coverage and performance with NowSecure.

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API Security Testing

The evolution of API architectures has fueled innovation and growth, but also expanded the mobile threat landscape. Dynamically discover all mobile-connected APIs to identify unknown shadow APIs and test for risk using the OWASP API Top 10.

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Mobile DevSecOps

Build trust across mobile app development and security teams to shorten time to release with security baked in. Scan binaries for security & privacy flaws and returns accurate results in minutes.

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Mobile App Penetration Testing

NowSecure has specialized in mobile apps for over a decade. This deep level of experience drives top-tier penetration testing for iOS and Android apps powered by best-in-class software and services.

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Mobile App Vetting for Supply Chain

Get unprecedented visibility into Apple® App Store® and Google Play™ apps with continuous security intelligence to accurately mitigate vulnerabilities, compliance gaps and privacy risks.

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Case Study: Regional Bank

We don’t want security to be a root canal. Automated mobile appsec testing makes it easier for development to embrace security because it’s baked into the software development lifecycle process.”
Application Security Executive Regional Bank

Case Study: U.S. Marshals Service

We rarely get things that are ready to go out of the box, but when we received the NowSecure solution, we were up and running the same day."
Derrick Smith CEO, NSight365

Case Study: MEA Financial Enterprises

If an unauthorized transaction occurs, that affects the account holder, the bank’s bottom line, and us—it’s a lose-lose-lose situation. Based on the results we saw from Workstation, the decision was a no brainer."
Travis Swinford Product Manager

Experience best-in-class mobile app security testing (MAST)

IDC named NowSecure a Leader in 2 Marketscape reports for MAST. See NowSecure in action.

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