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Mobile Security Resources

Reports, e-books, case studies, webinars and more to help you strategize and protect your organization on the mobile front.

More Resources

Next-level mobile app security: A programmatic approach

Fresh off the publication of her Mobile App Security Program Management Handbook, Katie Strzempka, VP Customer Success & Services, will share her experiences helping numerous enterprises design, build, and improve their mobile app security programs. Watch this webinar and take your mobile app security program to the next level.

Mobile App Crashworthiness – Securing Vehicle-to-Device (V2D) Interfaces and Communications

Originally presented at the 5th Automotive Cyber Security Summit, NowSecure CEO and Co-founder Andrew Hoog presents on three topics:

  • How do vulnerable mobile apps and insecure V2D communications put drivers and manufacturers at risk?
  • Applying crashworthiness and safety ratings concepts to mobile app and connected car cybersecurity
  • How to manage mobile app security defects and vulnerabilities in the connected car and mobile app development process

Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Bar Associations

NowSecure CEO and co-founder Andrew Hoog covers the fundamentals of information security for law firms. He addresses why companies should invest in cybersecurity and shares practical next steps to implement security best practices.

Building a global entertainment brand’s mobile app security program

The keys to a mobile app security program are setting policy, educating developers, and choosing the right testing tools. Learn how one savvy engineer did it.

How Android and iOS Security Enhancements Complicate Threat Detection

NowSecure CEO Andrew will explain five security enhancements in the Android and iOS platforms that present obstacles to defenders and incident responders, provide tips on overcoming those challenges, and share the open-source Mobile Triage toolset that facilitates the collection of mobile threat and vulnerability data.

Mobile Penetration Testing: Episode III – Attack of the Code

In the third and final installment of our mobile penetration testing trilogy, we dive deep to find security flaws in mobile apps by dissecting the code with reverse-engineering and code analysis.