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iOS 12 Preview – What You Need To Know

Much of the improvements for iOS 12 focused on privacy and reliability. What prompted these changes and how will it affect the path forward? In this discussion, Tony Ramirez, Mobile Security Analyst, shares about the following: + Learnings & remediations from iOS 11 + Predictions coming out of WWDC + How we see the newest software update, iOS 12, affecting mobile app security testing

5 Tips for Agile Mobile App Security Testing

Application security teams - this one’s for you. If you’re looking for ways to join the agile approach and keep pace with the speed of your development team’s CI/CD pipeline, take stock of these 5 tips for mobile appsec testing and integrate them into your company’s workflow.

Top OSS for Mobile AppSec Testing: The Latest on R2 and FRIDA

From the creators behind top mobile tools R2 and FRIDA, get the inside scoop on the R2 and FRIDA OSS projects. Led by NowSecure Research Team including David Weinstein, Ole André and Pancake (Sergi Àlvarez), this webinar speaks to our favorite mobile AST OSS projects. Peek behind the curtain on these tools, check out on their latest updates, and learn about potential future enhancements.

85% of App Store Apps Fail OWASP Mobile Top 10: Are you exposed?

A comprehensive analysis of iOS and Android apps found that a staggering 85% of those apps fail one or more of the OWASP Mobile Top 10 criteria. Given that the average mobile device has over 89 mobile apps on it, what are the odds your employees have one or more of the apps and what’s the real risk to your business?

5 Mobile App Security MUST-DOs in 2018

To close out the 2017 webinar season, our mobile security expert panel will review the top mobile threats of 2017 (e.g., Cloudbleed, Bootstomp, Broadpwn, and more) and then debate what’s next in mobile app security and mobile app security testing for 2018. Join us for a spirited discussion of the security ramifications of the new iPhone X, iOS 11, Android 8, the latest innovations in the mobile app security testing, and more.

What attackers know about your mobile apps that you don’t: Banking & FinTech

During this webinar, renowned mobile security expert and NowSecure founder Andrew Hoog will explain the attacker’s point-of-view, what attackers are looking for in mobile banking or financial services apps, and what makes your mobile app an appetizing target. We will then provide tips for deploying a mobile app security testing program to ensure you proactively plug security holes, squash privacy leaks, and fill compliance gaps in your mobile apps.

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