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5 Mobile App Security MUST-DOs in 2018

To close out the 2017 webinar season, our mobile security expert panel will review the top mobile threats of 2017 (e.g., Cloudbleed, Bootstomp, Broadpwn, and more) and then debate what’s next in mobile app security and mobile app security testing for 2018. Join us for a spirited discussion of the security ramifications of the new iPhone X, iOS 11, Android 8, the latest innovations in the mobile app security testing, and more.

What attackers know about your mobile apps that you don’t: Banking & FinTech

During this webinar, renowned mobile security expert and NowSecure founder Andrew Hoog will explain the attacker’s point-of-view, what attackers are looking for in mobile banking or financial services apps, and what makes your mobile app an appetizing target. We will then provide tips for deploying a mobile app security testing program to ensure you proactively plug security holes, squash privacy leaks, and fill compliance gaps in your mobile apps.

Danger in the App Stores: 3rd Party Mobile App Risk for Banks, FinServ, & FinTech

Apple and Google have app review processes at various levels, but banks and financial services organizations require more scrutiny -- especially for BYOD & COPE devices. Watch our webinar to learn how to incorporate third-party commercial apps in your mobile threat modeling exercises and application security programs to protect your organization, your reputation, and your customers.

Yes, You Can: Overcoming Mobile AppSec Challenges with DevSecOps

Brian Lawrence, NowSecure Solutions Engineer, examines the unique DevOps problems put forth by mobile app development, and discusses how implementing mobile DevSecOps practices can mitigate their effects.

Android “O” and iOS 11 security updates: What you need to know

Google and Apple will release major updates to the Android and iOS operating systems in the coming months, and beta versions of Android “O” and iOS 11 include a number of security enhancements. During this webinar, NowSecure Mobile Security Analyst Michael Krueger and Software Support Engineer Tony Ramirez will provide an overview of the security updates in both new releases and the implications on mobile app security.

Vaporstream assures security and compliance for mobile messaging

To meet high customer expectations for security and compliance, Vaporstream chose NowSecure to assess and certify the security of their app on Android and iOS across the entire mobile attack surface.