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Mobile Security Resources

Reports, e-books, case studies, webinars and more to help you strategize and protect your organization on the mobile front.

More Resources

How Android and iOS Security Enhancements Complicate Threat Detection

NowSecure CEO Andrew will explain five security enhancements in the Android and iOS platforms that present obstacles to defenders and incident responders, provide tips on overcoming those challenges, and share the open-source Mobile Triage toolset that facilitates the collection of mobile threat and vulnerability data.

Mobile Penetration Testing: Episode III – Attack of the Code

In the third and final installment of our mobile penetration testing trilogy, we dive deep to find security flaws in mobile apps by dissecting the code with reverse-engineering and code analysis.

Mobile Penetration Testing Trilogy: Episode II – Return of the Back-end/Network

In the second episode of our mobile penetration testing trilogy, NowSecure Solutions Engineer Michael Krueger takes you beyond the device. Michael will explain how to perform network and web services/API testing to capture data exposed in transit between apps and backend services -- some of the highest risk security flaws around.

Mobile Penetration Testing Trilogy: Episode I – The Forensic Menace

Whether you’ve never performed mobile app penetration testing or need a refresher course, join us for an intensive tutorial explaining how to conduct penetration testing on Android and iOS apps. Director of Services Katie Strzempka will lead this accelerated instructional session. Katie has conducted mobile forensic investigations and app security assessments for almost a decade and leads the NowSecure team of expert penetration testers.

Mobile pitfalls to avoid: Breaking down the OWASP Top 10 Mobile Risks

Learn about the OWASP Mobile Top 10 Risks and how to apply this standard to building, testing, and deploying secure mobile apps.

Leaky Mobile Apps: Stemming the Flood of Private Data

The amount of data generated, stored and transmitted by mobile devices and apps is startling. Information leakage in mobile apps and devices exposes personal and corporate data that can be used for illicit purposes. IT security professionals need visibility into the risk introduced into the corporate environment by apps installed on employees’ dual-use devices. Mobile