NowSecure Debuts New OWASP New MASVS Mobile Pen Test From NowSecure MASVS Mobile Pen Tests

NowSecure Debuts New OWASP MASVS Mobile Pen Tests

This blog post covers NowSecure’s New OWASP MASVS Mobile Pen Tests. To support the needs of the OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) security requirements, NowSecure recently expanded its expert mobile application penetration tests to offer OWASP MASVS compliance and incorporated OWASP MASVS findings into NowSecure Platform software for automated mobile application security testing.

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NowSecure Platform

Fully automate security and privacy testing with standards for mobile apps you build and use within one easy-to-use portal. With NowSecure Platform, test pre-prod and/or published iOS/Android binaries while monitoring the apps that power your workforce.

NowSecure Platform

Scale comprehensive security and privacy testing with automation

Continuously test mobile binaries using industry standards as you build them to keep pace with Agile and DevOps software development timelines. Monitor apps in production to confidently meet rapidly evolving mobile enterprise needs while building bridges across dev, security, GRC and mobile center of excellence (MCOE) teams.

Streamline modern testing practices

NowSecure Platform is tailored to meet the unique needs and complex infrastructure of the modern mobile SDLC, providing security and privacy testing solutions, including API testing, that are continuous, customizable, and accurate.

Maximize visibility across teams with accurate results

In one unified approach, test binaries of the apps you build and use, then publish results to the tools that teams know best.

Connect directly to mobile app security and privacy experts

NowSecure team members help with a broad array of mobile appsec needs, such as mobile app penetration tests, enterprise risk assessments for apps on employee devices, developer training, and more.

One Portal to Ensure the Security and Privacy of Mobile Apps You Build and Use

Automated NowSecure Analysis Engine Enables Accurate, Repeatable Testing

Execute rapid automated static, dynamic, interactive and APISec analysis of Android (.apk) and iOS (.ipa) binaries on real devices and connected APIs using industry standard test criteria, completing pen testing strength coverage in minutes on pre-prod and/or published apps.

  • Dynamic Binary Analysis
  • Interactive Binary Analysis
  • Static Binary Analysis
  • API Security Testing
  • CVSS Security Score
  • Compliance Checks
  • Findings Descriptions
  • Remediation Instructions

Plugins for Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Integrate with:

  • Popular CI/CD build tools, like Cloudbees Jenkins, Microsoft Azure DevOps, CircleCI and GitLab.
  • Issue tracking systems like Jira.
  • Vulnerability management systems like Brinqa and ThreadFix.
  • MDM/EMM software to continuously monitor app risk and enforce whitelist/blacklist.

Leverage Best-in-Breed Open Source & Proprietary Tools

This leading-edge security technology combines tools from the open source community, like Frida and Radare, and advanced proprietary solutions developed by the NowSecure Research and Engineering teams over the past decade.

Detailed Standards-Based Results to Drive Faster Action

Get accurate, detailed assessments in minutes with security issues prioritized by CVSS-score and mapped to industry standards like the OWASP MASVS, GDPR, CCPA, NIAP, FISMA, ioXt, PCI and more. See examples in live running benchmarks of mobile apps from public app stores.

Experience best-in-class mobile app security testing (MAST)

IDC named NowSecure a Leader in 2 Marketscape reports for MAST. See NowSecure in action.

Case Study: Camelot Lottery

NowSecure Platform automates security testing throughout our DevSecOps pipeline from the build process all the way to issues ticketing.
Dmytro Bezpalyi Security Engineer, Camelot Lottery Solutions

Case Study: LifeOmic

NowSecure has been a huge benefit because it saves a lot of time and gives us peace of mind knowing we have continuous testing coverage.
Joe DiMarzio Senior Product Security Engineer
Automated, Integrated Mobile App Security Testing


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