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Upskill with Free Mobile AppSec & Secure Mobile App Dev Training

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Luke Bellos

Technology Content Marketing Writer
Luke Bellos is a technology content marketing writer for NowSecure.

With mobile applications considered an indispensable part of many business strategies, safeguarding them from cyberthreats means more than ever. However, the current developer shortage and lack of specialized mobile app security training makes it difficult to create high-quality mobile apps built with security in mind.

For instance, a recent IDC Market Perspective report predicts a global labor shortfall of 4 million developers by 2025. Additionally, a Trellix global survey of more than 1,000 cybersecurity professionals found that roughly 30% plan to change professions within two or more years, further emphasizing the struggle for organizations to hire the right employees to maintain proper mobile app security.  

Industry data and benchmarks show a massive gap in security skills, which mobile app professionals can easily fill with the right educational resources. Professionals should take advantage of mobile app security-focused training courses and certification programs to enhance their skill set for their current role and improve their skills for open job opportunities in the field.

How Pros Benefit from Mobile AppSec Training

Many mobile-first or mobile-enabled organizations have developers, security engineers, architects, analysts and QAs to help build quality mobile apps. But it turns out that even highly experienced workers within these categories have a limited understanding of the techniques, methods, and compliance requirements needed to develop safe and secure mobile apps. Some professionals believe that their web app development knowledge directly translates to mobile app development, but mobile apps require a very specific set of skills and tools to minimize security and privacy risks.

Additionally, many professionals simply underestimate the security risks of mobile apps in general. In fact, a 2022 survey by Secure Code Warrior found that 86% of devs do not view application security as a top priority when writing code, and only 29% believe the active practice of writing code free of vulnerabilities should be prioritized. Researchers also found that 33% of surveyed devs don’t know what makes their code vulnerable. 

Businesses and government agencies have a vested interest in hiring dev security advocates that understand the significance of building mobile apps with security in mind throughout the entire software development lifecycle. Upskilling with mobile AppSec training courses allow developers to increase their understanding of mobile AppSec terminology and best practices, helping them become security champions for their organization. These courses help professionals showcase their mobile security expertise, increase their earning potential and open doors for promotions and new career opportunities. 

Similarly, security analysts can use mobile AppSec training courses and certifications to demonstrate their unique value to current and new employers. Many security analysts have the skills and knowledge to keep web applications secure, but may be unfamiliar with the specific techniques needed to minimize risk in mobile apps. Mobile AppSec training can help security analysts understand the differences and intricacies of safeguarding mobile apps, helping those with mobile-specific security skills stand out from web-focused competitors.

Mobile app professionals can boost their productivity with several hours of free courseware, so they can proactively write secure code and test mobile apps for the most common security vulnerabilities. Free mobile AppSec courses also help learners write better code and test faster. In fact, NowSecure internal stats show trained professionals can release up to 30% faster at lower cost, and reduce risk by up to 40%. At the same time, these courses help professionals grow their resume by adding certifications and badges that showcase their understanding of mobile app security.

Developers and security analysts that want to improve their skill set for their current role or new career opportunities should consider enrolling in mobile AppSec training and certifications with NowSecure Academy.

Why Mobile App Pros Should Enroll in NowSecure Academy

As organizations across the globe continue to leverage mobile apps to support customers and employees, the demand for skilled mobile application security analysts, architects, dev security advocates, QA pros and security engineers will grow in parallel. NowSecure Academy courses and certification programs help professionals upskill in their current positions and showcase their unique skill set for new DevSecOps positions as well as mobile AppSec roles.

The NowSecure services and research teams created a comprehensive online training program designed to help dev security advocates and security engineers understand the intricacies of secure mobile app development. NowSecure Academy courses provide new and experienced mobile app professionals with free training material to build a foundation of knowledge in mobile AppSec at their own pace. These courses include:

Mobile AppSec professionals can ensure their mobile apps maintain compliance with the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Mobile Application Security Verification Standards (MASV), as well as App Defense Alliance (ADA) Mobile Application Security Assessment (MASA) for Google Play. 

Learners who complete the free courses in secure mobile development may also choose to extend their mobile AppSec education further with the NowSecure Secure Mobile Development Professional Certificate Learning Path. This 8-course, 3.5-hour paid training resource enables devs, architects, QA and security teams to refine their skill portfolio and add certifications to their resume with the help of the following courses: 

NowSecure Academy equips new and experienced professionals with all the information they need to secure the mobile apps they develop. Enroll today to become a mobile AppSec champion and guard against common mobile application security and privacy issues.