The depth and scope of NowSecure Platform testing gives customers assurance that their mobile AppSec programs meet the highest industry standard.

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NowSecure Difference
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AppSec Suite

NowSecure delivers the only full suite of automation, training, pen testing and compliance optimized for Mobile AppSec. Trusted by the standards, tech, mobile, carrier, and web AST communities, NowSecure powers secure mobile innovation at scale.

Unmatched Mobile Experience from NowSecure


Mobile App Penetration Tests completed


Years of mobile app security expertise


Standards-based verifications and certifications completed


Automated mobile app assessments


Automatically identified vulnerabilities

What Makes NowSecure Mobile AppSec Suite Different?

NowSecure is built on more than a dozen years of experience and innovation building advanced tools, mobile-first services, and support for open-source and industry standards projects like OWASP, ADA MASA, Frida and Radare. NowSecure customers report 30% faster release cycles, 30% reduction in risk, and 40% lower costs when compared to all other solutions.

#1 in Developer-First Approach

NowSecure prioritizes the developer experience, delivering solutions that identify key appstore blockers, security tickets with the industry’s lowest false positive rates of <1%, embedded developer remediation that includes instructions and sample code to make fixing issues faster and easier, and seamless integration into the development pipeline through pre-built integrations and APIs. NowSecure partnerships with GitHub and other tools vendors to offer integrated testing and free training in NowSecure Academy empower development with the tools and skills needed to make mobile appsec fast and easy.

#1 in Comprehensive Security Coverage

Built by mobile security experts, the NowSecure solution suite offers the most thorough testing required by the most demanding and complex security teams. With more than 600 SAST, DAST, IAST, and APISec tests run in every automated assessment, wizard-driven pen testing tools like NowSecure Workstation to equip security analysts with best-of-breed experience, and expert services like NowSecure Platform Guided Testing and NowSecure Pen Testing to complete app coverage, development and security teams can be sure their mobile app is covered.

#1 in Standards and Policy-Based Testing

NowSecure bridges the gap between development and security teams through policy-driven standards-based testing. Tap into mobile standards and compliance requirements or build a custom policy based on the risk profile and threat landscape of the mobile app. With an OWASP MAS Spec co-creator on staff, as a OWASP MAS God Mode Sponsor, and Recognized OWASP MAS Advocate and ADA Spec co-creator and ADA Authorized Lab, NowSecure is committed to supporting and enabling high impact standards.

#1 in Mobile Expertise for Support

The expert support offered from NowSecure goes above and beyond including technical support, remediation consultation, free retesting to validate fixes, access to the world’s most advanced mobile appsec research team and pen testing gurus, and the world’s first online mobile AppSec testing community, the NowSecure Mobileverse™. As your mobile appsec program scales in depth from manual to automated and to integrated assessments, or in breadth from mobile apps built to all mobile apps used, NowSecure has the solutions and expert enterprise-grade support to ensure your success.

NowSecure Leads the Mobile AppSec Industry

A Solution Suite to Scale with You

The highly cost effective suite of mobile appsec solutions from NowSecure provide options for dev and security teams in every phase of their mobile appsec program maturity. For organizations looking for a simple, automated solution to easily use on demand or integrated into the development pipeline, NowSecure Platform is available. NowSecure Workstation gives security analysts the tools they need to collapse a pen test that can take up to two weeks down to hours. NowSecure Platform Guided Testing combines automation and analyst expertise to maximize speed and coverage. NowSecure Pen Testing Services provide an independent, in depth assessment of any mobile app for your industry and industry standards like ADA MASA and OWASP MASVS. Any security or development professional can also take advantage of free courses available on NowSecure Academy to upskill on mobile appsec best practices. Only NowSecure provides this comprehensive mix of automated continuous testing, manual testing, and continuous training to help you ship secure mobile apps faster.

Authentic Community Support

NowSecure is on a mission to save the world from unsafe mobile apps. We believe in community support for industry standards and key open source products. Frida was created by NowSecure Researcher Ole André V. Ravnås and Radare was created by NowSecure Researcher Sergi “Pancake” Alvarez and both are open source mobile appsec tools supported by a large global community of tool makers and security researchers. One of the OWASP MAS Project Leaders, Carlos Holguera, is also a part of the NowSecure Research team. As spec contributors and authorized labs, NowSecure helps power the ADA MASA community securing Android ecosystem. By contributing and supporting some of the most commonly used tools and standards in mobile app security, NowSecure can provide the experience gathered over more than a dozen years of mobile appsec testing to all organizations.

Trusted Mobile App Experts

The world’s largest tech vendors, top web app security testing vendors, all major U.S. mobile carriers and the noted standards communities rely on the mobile leadership, expertise and tools provided by NowSecure. Our incomparable research team and expert support enables them to support their initiatives to improve the security of millions of mobile apps. The NowSecure Resource Center is a great place to hear from our partners in our monthly DevSecOps Bunch, read customer case studies and see some of the innovation coming from NowSecure in industry benchmarks, how-tos and industry standard guides.

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The NowSecure Suite Starts with Our Platform

Manually Test Complex Mobile Apps

Quickly and easily test apps with the most complex requirements like Bluetooth, BLE, IoT, VPN, and more with NowSecure Workstation or outsource penetration testing to the team of experts at NowSecure.

Learn Mobile AppSec Best Practices

NowSecure Academy offers free training for mobile app development and security teams to upskill and learn mobile app building and testing best practices. These best practices often come from the team of NowSecure experts that also pen test your mobile apps.

Secure Your Mobile Supply Chain

Go beyond the mobile apps that your organization builds and understand the security and privacy risks introduced by mobile apps used. NowSecure Platform offers your security and compliance teams a way to recognize which apps should and should not be allowed on the enterprise network.

Automated, Dev-First Mobile AppSec

Get the mobile app security expertise from NowSecure in a way that prioritizes the developer experience. Power mobile DevSecOps, deploy SAST, DAST, IAST, and APISec testing for mobile apps, and get embedded developer remediation resources with one solution. Combine automated and expert analysis with NowSecure Platform Guided Testing to improve app coverage without breaking DevSecOps pipelines.

One of the best things about moving to NowSecure is not having to fan through a 110-page security audit to figure out what bugs and security issues you need to address.”
Eric Caron Senior Director of IT Solutions
NowSecure Workstation enables me to provide fast assessments to my team on a number of key mobile app security features.”
Ben Derr Security Engineer
We rarely get things that are ready to go out of the box, but when we received the NowSecure solution, we were up and running the same day.”
Derrick Smith CEO, NSight365

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