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Synopsys & NowSecure Partnering for The Most Complete AST

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NowSecure partners with Synopsys’ Software Integrity Group (SIG), the largest Application Security Testing (AST) provider in the world, to deliver the most complete suite of AST solutions.

Synopsys + NowSecure = A ‘Better Together’ MAST Solution

NowSecure Platform coupled with Synopsys’ MAST provides a complete solution of continuous testing, improved efficiency and collaboration, and enhanced scalability and coverage that meet industry and compliance standards.

Synopsys – The Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for Application Security Testing

Synopsys understands that in order for organizations to successfully mitigate risk, they need multiple security testing solutions that are fast and easily integrated into the software development life cycle (SDLC). That explains why they have been the top leader in Application Security Testing on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the past five years running.

Together delivering the only complete Mobile AST solution

Our partnership with Synopsys unites the expertise, technologies, and solutions of two industry leaders, amplifying the mobile app security landscape. NowSecure Platform automated testing coupled with Synopsys’ Managed MAST (Mobile Application Security Testing), will allow organizations to benefit from an all-encompassing approach to securing their mobile applications and address the unique challenges of the modern mobile software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Synopsys + NS MAST solution partnership

Secure Mobile Innovation at Scale

NowSecure Platform is a solution completer for Synopsys MAST. Customers get fully automated testing with CI/CD integration for faster continuous testing in pipelines.

Safeguarding Mobile
User Trust

“The NowSecure automated mobile’s capabilities seamlessly complement Synopsys’ industry-leading managed services in mobile application security testing to provide an unparalleled level of coverage and scalability. ” – Jason Schmitt, general manager at the Synopsys Software Integrity Group

Continuous iOS iOS & Android Mobile Application Security

NowSecure offers continuous, customizable, and accurate mobile app security and privacy solutions, designed to keep pace with the rapid evolution of mobile development needs. With automated static, dynamic, interactive, and API security testing capabilities integrated into your mobile app development lifecycle/toolchain/other word, NowSecure streamlines and centralizes mobile app security testing, providing a single, user-friendly solution for comprehensive assessments.

Improved Efficiency and Collaboration

The partnership between Synopsys and NowSecure enables organizations to maximize efficiency and collaboration across teams and workflows. The flexible and customizable nature of NowSecure allows seamless integration within the mobile SDLC, eliminating friction and driving faster feedback loops for DevSecOps scenarios. Development teams receive prioritized tickets with embedded remediation guides, code samples and more, while security teams receive clear issues to review, optimizing the collaboration and alignment between these critical stakeholders.

Enhanced Scalability and Coverage

NowSecure empowers organizations to scale their mobile app security efforts effectively. With rapid automated analysis of Android and iOS binaries on real devices, NowSecure enables full-coverage assessments in minutes. The solution also supports complex apps, leveraging NowSecure analysts via Guided Testing to ensure complete coverage, even when faced with anti-automation features.

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Industry Standards and Compliance

NowSecure Policy Engine facilitates further team alignment and prioritization by offering pre-built and customized policies based on industry standards like OWASP MASVS and relevant compliance requirements. This functionality enables businesses to meet regulatory obligations and enhance their security posture efficiently.

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