The depth and scope of NowSecure Platform testing gives customers assurance that their mobile AppSec programs meet the highest industry standard.

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Mobile Digital Transformation

Quickly deliver innovative mobile experiences by speeding secure mobile app development and deployment at the pace your customers demand. The rapid growth in enterprise-connected mobile apps drive user engagement, but require organizations prove they are safeguarding user trust by protecting data and privacy against a growing number of attackers now focused on mobile weaknesses. Gain confidence to accelerate dev and sec productivity through DevSecOps requirements to drive organization expansion and revenue growth with predictability and control. Proactively retain existing customers while gaining new ones with powerful innovation customers can trust.

Mobile Digital Transformation is Here to Stay


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mobile apps revenue generation by 2023


of mobile internet time is spent using mobile apps, with mobile app usage far outpacing web.

Transform Your Mobile App Dev Process to Get to Market Faster

As mobile app downloads continue to grow to a projected 8.8 billion by the end of 2026, continuous mobile app innovation is required to meet the demands of customers, partners and employees. NowSecure helps customers embrace rapid mobile digital transformation, safely.

Accelerate Digital Organization Evolution

Mobile applications fuel the growth and survival of modern organizationes, enabling organizations to increase engagement, grow revenue and leapfrog the competition. Build security into mobile DevSecOps workflows to compress a 3-year digital transformation initiative into 3 months with automation to deliver secure mobile apps faster. NowSecure solutions seamlessly automate mobile app security to help organization teams focus on innovation at scale.

Safeguard User Trust with Security and Privacy Built-in

Earning the trust of customers and employees is essential to mobile digital transformation, but a mobile-initiated breach or data leak damages the brand and customer relationships. Due to their fundamental architecture, mobile apps can be more vulnerable than web apps. NowSecure solutions for DevSecOps ensures teams gain speed safely by baking security, privacy and compliance throughout their mobile innovation processes leveraging industry standards for provable security.

Protect the Mobile Supply Chain for Your Mobile Workforce

Mobilizing the workforce with commercial mobile apps can be the fastest form of digital transformation leveraging thousands of innovative mobile apps already in the market. As the enterprise increasingly relies on these commercial mobile apps to power their teams, organizations must safeguard their data and IP. NowSecure mobile app vetting continuously monitors the public apps in Apple App Store™ and Google Play™ and alerts security teams to risks in the supply chain for proactive remediation.

Mobile Digital Transformation Success Stories

Shifting to seamless mobile app experiences is critical to gain new accounts and retain existing customers. Here are compelling mobile app use cases in five of the industry’s most prominent vertical markets.

Banking and Finance

A leading regional bank enables digital transformation to accelerate the DevOps pipeline with continuous mobile app security testing and protects employees with continuous mobile supply chain risk monitoring solutions. This institution has many years of operation across several states and offers a range of financial services products to individuals, families, and organizationes. Active in the community, the company earns the trust of millions of customers with NowSecure solutions through real-time visibility into mobile app risk stemming from security, privacy, and compliance flaws. They leverage the NowSecure Platform for automated mobile appsec testing to speed the development lifecycle to support the transition from Agile to DevSecOps methodology. This includes continuous monitoring of third-party mobile app supply chain risk in the Apple App Store™ and Google Play™.

High Tech

Camelot Lottery helps lottery operators reach new players and increase engagement to grow responsibly. Their digital gaming development teams build Android and iOS mobile applications with innovative features to engage players. With heavy regulatory requirements and underscored by consumer trust, Camelot leverages NowSecure to balance fast-paced development with efficient risk management. DevSecOps pipeline benefits from rapid ability to test the security, privacy, and compliance status of mobile apps throughout the development lifecycle. Camelot deploys NowSecure Platform to eliminate delays in security testing and prevent app store blockers to release mobile apps faster. The results drive continuous improvement with accurate dev-friendly findings, remediation instructions and code samples.

Health Care

mHealth software innovator LifeOmic deploys NowSecure Platform for automated mobile application security testing in their DevSecOps pipeline to speed the delivery of high-quality mHealth mobile apps. LifeOmic shrinks testing timelines from one week to two hours or less; improves dev performance with fast feedback loops, secure coding skills and remediation assistance; guards against supply-chain and third-party library vulnerabilities; and adds automated regulatory compliance monitoring built in.


Caribou Coffee brews up app enhancements. The company’s mobile app-based reward program is a core of component of organizationes growth and used to engage with customers to sell food, beverages, and merchandise while rewarding loyalty. The NowSecure Platform automated mobile application security testing solution helps Caribou Coffee deeply test its mobile apps to realize better dev performance with clear developer reporting. NowSecure speeds Caribou’s release cycle by integrating with the existing mobile application development process. This includes achieving peace of mind that apps are secure and meet PCI compliance requirements.

Public Sector

Public Sector and Federal government deployment of mobile app vetting uses NowSecure Platform for fast, on-demand testing of mobile apps in the development lifecycle and public app store mobile app supply chain. Agencies count on NowSecure for continuous monitoring and risk mitigation to prevent risky mobile apps with severe vulnerabilities from entering the user community and being used on government-furnished equipment. This new capability helps the Air Force, DoD and federal agencies confidently unleash more widespread development and use of mobile apps. Powered by an initial SBIR award years ago, the US Airforce BESPIN  team achieves its goals of moving fast with continuous mobile innovation.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with DevSecOps

With a full battery of automated and integrated tests, NowSecure Platform can be used for continuous testing directly in the development pipeline. This empowers your security and development teams to deliver secure mobile apps faster and embrace digital transformation without introducing new organizational risk.

Manually Test Complex Mobile Apps

Embracing mobile digital transformation can lead to mobile apps with complex requirements and features that require a more hands-on testing approach. NowSecure Workstation equips your security team with a toolkit of the most advanced testing solutions for mobile apps that utilize Bluetooth, BLE, IoT, VPN, and more. NowSecure mobile security experts can assess these too with NowSecure Pen Testing Services.

Secure the Mobile App Supply Chain

As more and more organizations transform, more mobile apps will be available for your employees to use. These apps can be great for productivity, but introduce new risks to your organization. Utilize NowSecure Platform to assess the mobile apps your employees rely on for security and privacy issues.

Build Secure Mobile Apps Faster with Training

Fill the cybersecurity skills gap with NowSecure Academy. Training on best practices for the secure development and thorough testing of mobile apps enables development and security teams to move faster and more efficiently, ultimately delivering secure mobile apps faster. Learn from the mobile security experts in NowSecure Academy, for free.



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