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Secure Mobile-First Experiences for Finance, Insurance & FinTech Apps

The top priority for all financial services, banking, insurance and fintech firms is to protect their customer mobile app transaction information against theft, unauthorized use, or malicious exploit. NowSecure, through complete lifecycle testing, is helping financial services firms ensure the safe development and deployment of mobile apps, compliance with relevant standards, and services into the mobile apps of non-banks at the point of sale — a practice integral to the growing trend of fintech and embedded banking.

Finance, Banking & Insurance Mobile Apps Must Safeguard Sensitive Data while Innovating


processed daily by the mobile money industry, 1.2 billion finserve accounts globally per GSMA research


Deloitte survey respondents use smartphones for home access to financial services

The Dangers Facing Mobile Security for Finance, Banking, Insurance & FinTech Are Growing

As finance, banking and insurance user preferences continue to shift to mobile-first experiences, all companies must meet consumers with modern mobile app experiences that are safe and secure.

Mobile Apps are a Financial Services Competitive Advantage

Financial institutions of all sizes spanning the entire secure mobile value chain are under profit pressures. Shipping additional mobile app features while performing accurate, repeatable security assessments across industry standards like OWASP, GDPR, PCI, FFIEC is key to gaining customer loyalty and usage. Deloitte research notes 33 percent of survey respondents finding security issues prompted them to severely restrict the use of mobile devices for financial services. Within the same survey, a little over one-third of respondents were insecure about transacting financial services organization on mobile devices due to a lack of security trust for Wi-Fi and mobile networks transmitting their data

Financial Marketplace Modernization

The race for mobile first access and digital transformation is clearly driving financial service mobile app usage. 80 percent of users requesting financial application modernization requested the ability to remotely disable a lost or stolen device. Additionally, 72 percent wanted application biometric identification (such as fingerprints or eye scans) to enable the mobile app and device for financial services transactions.

Accelerating from Financial Services High Touch to Virtual Touch

Advances in mobile app innovation, coupled with more robust network and data infrastructure, will further accelerate adoption. This includes increasingly sophisticated yet already present mobile app APIs or device elements such as high-quality cameras, imaging, voice commands, finger scanners, heart rate sensors, and fitness trackers. These innovative options present financial services companies with tremendous new mobile app virtual touch competitive advantages requiring equally advanced security testing.

Valuable Financial Services Mobile App Information Protection

GSMA notes the global value of mobile transactions will surpass $3 billion a day by the end of 2022. Mobile applications and their extremely sensitive PII, credit card info, banking details and statements represent the main barriers to adoption. Using a complete mobile app security testing suite like NowSecure ensures app developers address and extend competitive advantages in each area. Additionally, secure mobile app inclusion of biometrics authentication overcomes adoption issues for the most valuable financial transactions over mobile including difficulty of reading and entering information on smartphones, concerns about device security, and transaction complexity.

Mobile Security and Privacy Testing for Finance, Banking, Insurance & FinTech

NowSecure provides a suite of mobile app security and privacy testing tools that meet and exceed the needs of this high risk category of mobile app builders and buyers. As teams start to deliver mobile-first experiences and build a mobile application security testing program, NowSecure is there to provide automated testing, training, and expert pen testing. For teams embracing a Mobile DevSecOps program, NowSecure provides integrated continuous testing at scale with fast feedback loops.

Accelerate the Delivery of Secure Mobile Apps

Get customers new features, disrupt the FinTech market, or launch your first mobile app with NowSecure Platform built into any SDLC or CI/CD pipeline.

Pen Test Your Mobile Apps

NowSecure is the trusted mobile app expert. Your security team can equip themselves with purpose-built NowSecure Workstation mobile app pen testing kits or supplement results with the NowSecure Pen Testing team to completely assess security and privacy risks present in their mobile app.

Training to Fill the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Development teams often report a lack of secure coding training as a challenge for shipping secure apps. Many security teams focus entirely on web applications. NowSecure Academy is a free resource for your teams to take advantage of to learn about secure mobile app coding and testing best practices. NowSecure Platform includes embedded remediation instructions and code examples to teach devs as they fix issues found.

Meet Relevant Compliance Requirements with Ease

NowSecure assessments employ a standards-based approach to identify the compliance requirements tied directly to each finding. Utilize these results and NowSecure Pen Testing to meet any requirement for your app.

NowSecure fintech Clients



Tickets include remediation suggestions from NowSecure which are very, very helpful.

Micha Katz

Chief Information Security Officer, Yellow Card Case Study | Fintech



“NowSecure Platform gives us confidence that the developers practice secure coding and NowSecure Mobile PTaaS gives us the required manual testing for compliance reporting and even more confidence in complete coverage.”

Information security manager

Genisys Credit Union



“We don’t want security to be a root canal. Automated mobile appsec testing makes it easier for development to embrace security because it’s baked into the software development lifecycle process.”

Application Security Executive,

Regional Bank



“Unlessyouhaveinfinitetimeandmoneyandcanhireyourownteamofpenetration testers, then NowSecure is an absolutely incredible solution for testing your mobile apps for security vulnerabilities.”


We don’t want security to be a root canal. Automated mobile appsec testing makes it easier for development to embrace security because it’s baked into the software development lifecycle process.”

Application Security Executive, Regional Bank

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