Security Starts with the App

April 23, 2015
by Suzanne Martin

At our RSAC 2015 Breaking Research presentation, held Wednesday April 22nd, NowSecure CEO and co-founder Andrew Hoog shared details of our study showing almost 50% of mobile apps have at least one high risk security flaw and 60% transmit data insecurely over the network. These so-called “leaky apps” are making...

Risky Apps Don't Stand A Chance: NowSecure Showcases Cloud-enabled NowSecure Lab™ At RSA Conference 2015

April 21, 2015
by Seth Geisler

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information contact: Seth Geisler Lightspeed PR [email protected] +1.858.610.9860 Risky apps don’t stand a chance: NowSecure showcases cloud-enabled NowSecure Lab™ at RSA Conference 2015 NowSecure Lab Adds Cloud to On-premises Mobile App Assessment Capabilities - Developers and Security Managers Can Now Take Advantage of Completely Automated...

NowSecure Sheds Light on Mobile Security Risks with Real-Time Threat Intelligence

April 21, 2015
by Seth Geisler

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information contact: Seth Geisler Lightspeed PR [email protected] +1.858.610.9860 NowSecure sheds light on mobile security risks with real-time threat intelligence NowSecure Analyzes over 100 Million Data Points Daily to Provide Compelling Insight into Global Mobile Security Risks San Francisco, April 21, 2015 – NowSecure, creator of...

Because Mobile Is Different

April 20, 2015
by Suzanne Martin

We’re excited that our CEO and co-founder Andrew Hoog will be presenting at this year’s RSA Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. With 1.2 billion smartphones and a corresponding 180 billion app downloads projected globally for 2015, mobile security is becoming increasingly essential to the economy. The rise...

The Nightmare Behind the Cross-Platform Apps Dream

April 13, 2015
by Suzanne Martin

Recently at Black Hat Asia 2015 in Singapore, NowSecure mobile researchers Marco Grassi and Sebastián Guerrero Selma gave a well-received presentation about cross platform frameworks and the unique security vulnerabilities they present. Due to the proliferation of mobile platforms in recent years, apps are increasingly created on cross-platform frameworks including...

How Secure Are Wearables?

March 30, 2015
by Suzanne Martin

Apple introduced their new line of watches last week, once more bringing wearables to tech headlines. Though we don’t yet know enough about the Apple Watch to assess its security profile or the specific risks the device might pose, it’s safe to say there will be some vulnerabilities. Additionally, given...

Demystifying Apple Pay and Touch ID

March 18, 2015
by Kevin Swartz

Paying with our mobile devices has become the order of the day, first with Google Wallet, then Softcard, and now Apple Pay – the last of which is touted as one of the main advantages of the newer Apple devices. But how much do we know about Apple Pay’s inner...

DHS and Small Business Cybersecurity Innovation

March 16, 2015
by Kevin Swartz

DHS and Small Business Cybersecurity Innovation The Department of Homeland Security recently cited NowSecure as one of the success stories to come out of the Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate’s Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) program. The SBIR program encourages U.S. businesses with fewer than 500 employees to provide...

Silent Circle to Offer NowSecure in its Privacy-Focused App Store; Free App Provides Visibility into Data Transmission

March 12, 2015
by Seth Geisler

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information contact: Seth Geisler Lightspeed PR [email protected] +1.858.610.9860 Silent Circle to offer NowSecure in its privacy-focused app store; free app provides visibility into data transmission NowSecure Mobile will give Blackphone users tremendous security and control Oak Park,Ill, March 12, 2015– NowSecure, which pioneered the mobile...

Apple Credits NowSecure for Discovering Security Flaw

March 10, 2015
by Kevin Swartz

In addition to debuting their highly anticipated new watches yesterday, Apple released security patches to address critical flaws in iOS 8.2 and OS X iCloud. Among other fixes, Apple patched a man-in-the-middle vulnerability (CVE-2015-1065) and credited its discovery to NowSecure researcher Andrey Belenko. Devices potentially affected included the iPhone 4s...