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Secure Mobile Apps Power Retailers Growth

Retailers, consumer goods manufacturers and hospitality groups leverage mobile apps to transform the way goods and services are marketed, bought, fulfilled, delivered, and sold in today’s highly competitive mobile-first marketplace. Privacy of personal information and security of transactions are paramount for consumers and organizations alike.

Navigating Today’s Security Threats for Mobile Shoppers is Critical for Modern Retailers


retail mobile commerce sales by 2025, 44% of all retail US ecommerce


use mobile app to purchase, pick up in store, click & collect or curbside


consumers regularly use retailer mobile applications

Retailer Mobile Apps Boost Staff Services, Happier Customers

Recent survey details in-store shoppers preference for using mobile apps securely during retailer visits. Retailer product management teams are adding mobile app functionality to check competitor prices, access reviews, scan QR codes or access retailer loyalty details. Findings also note that 69 percent of respondents receiving a personalized mobile app eligible for in-store use would increase their likelihood of visiting a physical retail location. Researcher McKinsey is noted in AdWeek detailing how mobile apps expedite competitive differentiation as all consumers now expect convenience and choice—all controlled through mobile apps. 76 percent of consumers “churn” stores, brands or channels annually based on these two expectations.

Ensuring a Safe Mobile Shopping Experience Improves Customer Experience

Mobile app transactions, multichannel interactions, social media and syndicated data from loyalty cards and other customer-related information increase retailer insight. These features all require increased security due to sensitive customer data. At the same time, the data helps retailers dynamically build and modify their organization through a consolidated, constantly updated view of customer behavior and preferences. The resulting mobile apps give retailers a greater, more accurate context for mobile interactions improving the customer experience.


Automating Brick & Mortar and Online Retailer Operations

Hybrid retail work environments increasingly mandate a significant increase in retailers automating store associate tasks. Retailers and their mobile app developers face a host of challenges in managing store operations. A mobile first experience is the new baseline. Tight labor markets drive up labor costs, and increase the role of the store in supporting digital operations plus a highly variable volume of store-specific tasks. Online retailers face similar barriers to growth and profitability. Automating store associate tasks using secured mobile apps delivers both a mobile-first experience and competitive differentiation to the consumer.


Retail Mobile Apps are Collecting More Sensitive Data

A distinct competitive advantage is at stake for retailers building diverse customer and commerce-savvy mobile apps. The customer and commerce data are incredibly valuable to malicious exploits and require mobile app security testing using NowSecure solutions. Applications use credit card info, PII, addresses, photos and location data including real-time inventory management, mobile point of sale, virtual dressing rooms or internal communications, and some access cameras for VR shopping or generate coupon codes for loyal customers. This data makes the apps high value targets. Some retailers building and deploying intelligent mobile apps are investing aggressively in technology to improve their customers’ digital experience and streamline back-office operations.


Retail Mobile Apps Need Dev Speed

Development teams in all industries are looking to deliver mobile apps faster. As retail modernizes and relies more on mobile app interactions to attract and retain customers they must build new apps, update existing apps, and introduce new features. This can lead developers to having to choose between security and delivery time. In order to empower dev and product teams to meet deadlines and deliver on time, security teams must empower developers with remediation guidance, integrations, and automation.

Drive Innovation
and Meet Your
Customers Where
They Are with Built-in Security

The suite of mobile app security and privacy testing tools that NowSecure provides are perfect for all mobile app builders and buyers in retail, consumer goods and hospitality. Teams adopting mobile-first customer strategies introduce innovation and mobilization to launch mobile apps quickly and must build effective and efficient mobile appsec testing programs to ensure the safety and security of users, and comply with CCPA and other privacy mandates. Successful teams integrate security into the pipeline with standards-based continuous automated security testing, training for all stakeholders and periodic pen testing for maximum coverage.

Deliver Secure Mobile Apps Faster

Launch a new mobile app, disrupt retail competitors, or get customers new features faster with NowSecure Platform. Fully automated and integrated testing is available for any mobile SDLC or CI/CD pipeline.

Pen Test Your Apps with NowSecure Expertise

NowSecure provides industry leading mobile appsec testing tools and services. Your security team can equip themselves with the best mobile app pen testing kits available with NowSecure Workstation, or supplement testing with the expertise provided by the NowSecure Pen Testing team.

Shift Further Left With Training

Training is a critical missing link in the development of secure mobile apps. NowSecure Academy is a free resource for all development and security professionals to learn secure coding and mobile app testing best practices. NowSecure Platform includes embedded remediation instructions and code examples to teach devs as they fix issues found.

Meet and Stay Compliant with Requirements

As retailers introduce more complex and data-rich mobile apps, they also must meet more stringent compliance requirements. NowSecure assessments are based on standards and help teams identify the compliance implications of each finding surfaced in an assessment. Utilizing these results and periodic manual assessments, all innovative retailers can meet and maintain compliance.




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“The ease of integrating NowSecure Platform, GitHub and Bitrise and the efficiencies it brings are amazing… Dev teams are empowered to quickly kick off tests and get the results in the tools they use every day.”

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One of the best things about moving to NowSecure is not having to fan through a 110-page security audit to figure out what bugs and security issues you need to address.”

Eric Caron

Senior Director of IT Solutions, Caribou Coffee

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