Microsoft Azure customers gain access to NowSecure Mobile App Security and Privacy Testing for scalability, reliability, and agility of Azure to drive mobile appdev and shape business strategies.

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Mobile AppSec Training

Level up your team’s mobile application security skills through free online courses and industry-recognized certifications with NowSecure Academy and expert-led product training.

Scale The Success Of Your Mobile AppSec Program

AppSec programs are dependent upon the level of secure coding skills that developers have, as well as a culture where security is a top priority. NowSecure Academy is a platform for building mobile security and privacy skills for development teams so that developers can build mobile apps that are secure by default. Web developers will also be able to build mobile app security expertise.

Level Up Your Skills & Your Career

Whether you are a security analyst or developer, mobile app security skills can accelerate career growth. Take advantage of instant access to free courses or earn industry-recognized certifications from NowSecure Academy and progress in your role. Become a mobile appsec security champion on your team.

Accelerate Your Delivery Of Secure Mobile Apps

The fastest way to deliver a secure mobile app is by writing high quality code that does not introduce security bugs in the first place. Training mobile app architects, developers, QA and security professionals on coding best practices will lead to fewer security bugs and faster remediation.

Get the Most from Your NowSecure investment

NowSecure customers also get access to product training for quicker onboarding so teams can leverage the full benefits of NowSecure’s products. It also enables more tenured NowSecure users to learn more about the advanced features and unlock more complex use cases.

Industry Recognized Courses & Certifications for Mobile Application Security

Free mobile app sec training courses for all

Designed to be easy to use and accessible for anyone across all backgrounds and skill levels, NowSecure Academy features over 60 relevant courses and over 23 hours of learning led by actual mobile development and security experts, and all delivered in a self-paced environment.Sign up today for instant access to sharpen mobile security skills!

Industry Recognized Certifications for Mobile AppSec

Empower mobile developers to write quality code, prepare security teams for mobile attacks, and promote a stronger DevSecOps culture within your organization. NowSecure Academy offers tailored subscriptions for online certification programs designed to meet your organization’s priorities and goals.

Self-service training modules for NowSecure products

NowSecure has product demos and mobile appsec training modules for new users to quickly get up-to-speed on NowSecure’s full suite of products and features. It also includes advanced training for expert users to ensure that teams are getting the most value out of NowSecure.

It’s a challenge finding security or development resources with existing mobile appsec skills. NowSecure Academy allows us to offer online, appsec professional development to everyone within our mobile ecosystem.”
Anurag Dwivedy Senior Security Software Engineer, Emerging Technology &
Innovation, Cisco

Try NowSecure Academy Today

  • Grow Your Mobile AppSec Skills
  • Earn Industry-Recognized Mobile AppSec Certifications
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  • Add Secure Mobile Development Skills
  • Create and Educate Security Champions

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Experience best-in-class mobile app security testing (MAST)

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