Now Android developers can publicly show users they safeguard trust through standards-based independent security validation in their Google Play Data safety section.

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Mobile App Penetration Testing

NowSecure has specialized in mobile apps for over a decade, writing the first books on mobile forensics in 2009. With more than 10,000 mobile app pen tests completed, this deep level of experience drives top-tier full scope iOS application penetration testing and Android application penetration testing powered by best-in-class software and expert services.

Evaluate Security & Data Exposure Risk for iOS and Android Apps

Take advantage of expert NowSecure Penetration Testing Services or use NowSecure Workstation yourself to perform comprehensive assessments with static, dynamic, interactive and APISec testing based on industry standards accross four key areas of the mobile attack surface:

  • Data at rest
  • Data in motion
  • Reverse engineering
  • Web services and API backend

Certify Your Mobile App

NowSecure offers a public certification to NowSecure Requirements or to industry standard certifications to mobile apps meeting the high security standards tested by our NowSecure Services team. The certification assures users that your application properly implements security measures and handling of sensitive data. Tap NowSecure experts for OWASP MASVS and ADA MASA verification, to speed your federal NAIP Certification, and to complete your IoT-connected mobile app and mobile VPN ioXt Certification.

Access Seasoned Mobile Security Analysts and Researchers

The team’s intimate knowledge of mobile app security fuels the attacker’s point-of-view for mobile app security assessments. Whether using NowSecure Workstation to perform in-house pen tests or working with NowSecure Services to outsource the work, every assessment is powered by decades of expertise from NowSecure analysts and researchers.

Reduce Mobile App Risk with Deep Dive Penetration Testing

Whether you need to reduce testing time with automation, triage urgent testing needs or train personnel, NowSecure is here to equip your team.

Lean on Seasoned Mobile Security Analysts and Researchers

NowSecure experts are at-the-ready to share their vast experience in all things mobile app security - from pen testing services to Frida and Radare training, the team is here to help!

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The Mobile App Pen Testing Kit Built by Pen Testers, for Pen Testers

Designed for complex mobile app configurations, NowSecure Workstation comes with pre-configured proprietary and industry standard tests leveraging open-source tools like Frida and Radare so analysts can focus on hunting security and privacy flaws.

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Mobile App Security Standards

Mobile App Security Standards are guideposts that organizations can use to understand what the “minimum bar” for security is. Examples of mobile app security standards include the OWASP MASVS, MSTG, ADA MASA, IoXt, and CWE Top 25. They are typically free and open source projects that capture the most impactful security issues to remediate.

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Case Study: Habit Mastery Consulting

NowSecure continuously monitors the Habit Mastery app for security and privacy vulnerabilities and gives it a clean bill of health, providing our users with confidence that their data is secure while they build and maintain positive habits.
Sharon Lipinski CEO and Founder, Habit Mastery Consulting

Case Study: MEA Financial Enterprises

If an unauthorized transaction occurs, that affects the account holder, the bank’s bottom line, and us—it’s a lose-lose-lose situation. Based on the results we saw from Workstation, the decision was a no brainer."
Travis Swinford Product Manager

Case Study: Vaporstream

It’s a significant relief for the team when an independent third party like NowSecure tests the app and certifies that both the code and the DevOps side of our production implementation are secure.”
Avi Elkoni CTO


Experience best-in-class mobile app security testing (MAST)

IDC named NowSecure a Leader in 2 Marketscape reports for MAST. See NowSecure in action.

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