Microsoft Azure customers gain access to NowSecure Mobile App Security and Privacy Testing for scalability, reliability, and agility of Azure to drive mobile appdev and shape business strategies.

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NowSecure Workstation

Purpose-built for mobile security analysts, NowSecure Workstation is a preconfigured hardware and software kit that compresses mobile app vulnerability assessments down to hours and enables repeatable, standards-based testing with pre-formatted reporting

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NowSecure Workstation by the Numbers


Productivity gains each


years of mobile app security expertise


Improvement in Security Test Coverage


Reduction in Breach Potential

Empower Security with NowSecure Workstation

Reduce the time to assess mobile apps with the industry leading mobile app security testing toolkit. Test, report, and fix faster with ease using the wizard-driven experience and accelerate the delivery of secure mobile apps.

Achieve repeatable, accurate testing with a consistent test environment

Our kit automates the heavy-lifting, curating proprietary and industry standard tests along with leading open-source tools like Frida, Radare and Capstone so mobile security analysts can scale efforts while executing deep analysis.

Save time with pre-formatted & customizable reports

Eliminate the manual nature of cobbling together reports. Get pre-formatted, customizable PDFs out of the box. Preformatted and customizable reporting options speed the dissemination of results across development and security teams and include details to help fix the findings fast.

Conduct step-by-step interactive mobile app security testing

With standard tests automated and executed in minutes, mobile security analysts have time to explore deeper within the mobile app, device, network, and backend APIs. The intuitive experience enables users new to mobile security to effectively assess an application, and empowers the most seasoned mobile security experts to deeply exercise an application.

Connect with NowSecure expert mobile app security analysts

NowSecure team members help with a broad array of mobile appsec needs, such as mobile app penetration tests, enterprise risk assessments for apps on employee devices, developer training, and more.

NowSecure Workstation Workflow

NowSecure Workstation provides security teams with a simple and intuitive way to test even the most complex mobile applications, improving the completion rates and the speed of security assessments.

The Mobile App Pentesting Toolkit Built by Pen Testers, for Pen Testers

NowSecure Workstation provides an automated, wizard-driven test kit with hundreds of built-in tests, leveraging proprietary technology developed by the NowSecure research team and best-in-breed tools from the open source community.

Automated Analysis Engine Enables Accurate, Repeatable Assessments

Perform automated static and dynamic analysis of Android (.apk) and iOS (.ipa) binaries on real devices with industry standard test coverage, completing full-coverage assessments in hours not weeks.

Test Complex Mobile App Configuration

Step through mobile apps interactively and test complex scenarios such as multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA), CAPTCHA, and, mobile apps with IOT and USB/Bluetooth connected equipment.

Leverage Best-in-Breed Open Source & Proprietary Tools

This leading-edge technology leverages tools from the open source community and proprietary solutions developed by the NowSecure Research team, including the authors of Frida and Radare.

This leading-edge technology leverages tools from the open source community and proprietary solutions developed by the NowSecure Research team, including the authors of Frida and Radare.

Eliminate stress over reporting consistency across different mobile security analysts and tools. Findings are prioritized by CVSS scores, mapped to industry standards and regulatory bodies and supported with remediation instructions and contextual evidence.

NowSecure Workstation Success Stories

NowSecure customers of all industries realize value from NowSecure Workstation, getting deep security and privacy analysis from an easy to use solution.

Banking and Finance

NowSecure Workstation is a perfect solution for highly regulated industries and organizations that make security a competitive advantage. As banking and financial services continue to mobilize, interacting primarily with consumers through mobile apps, increased attention and purpose-built solutions must be provided for security analysis. With a combination of automated testing and manual app exercising, a security analyst equipped with NowSecure Workstation can thoroughly assess a FinTech app quickly and deliver actionable results.

High Tech

Innovation is a cornerstone of mobile application development. Mobile devices provide a large selection of sensors and data to utilize to deliver new experiences like augmented reality shopping. These sensors and data also require increased security scrutiny, and NowSecure Workstation gives your security team the tools they need to test complex mobile application features like multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA), CAPTCHA, IoT, USB and Bluetooth connected equipment

Health Care

Securing mHealth software is critical for the comfort and more importantly the safety of patients and practitioners alike. Mobile app innovator Tidepool utilizes NowSecure Workstation to secure their insulin management app Loop and protect patients from potentially life-threatening cyberattacks, speed testing from weeks to a single day, gain consistency and repeatability, and comply with strict regulatory requirements like HIPAA.


Mobile apps are gaining traction in a progressively more digital shopping landscape. Customer experiences, engagement, and retention are all surfaced through mobile apps, as well as rewards programs, discount codes, and limited merchandise. Investing in the security of these applications and features with NowSecure Workstation is critical to protect brand reputation and profits with large monetary penalties coming not only from fines but also from the abuse of these systems.

Public Sector

NowSecure partners closely with many agencies such as DOJ to help them meet the mission and deliver secure mobile experiences to employees and stakeholders alike. NowSecure Workstation is often a great solution for the most security-conscious teams that require an on-premise solution or who cannot allow an external organization to assess their applications for security vulnerabilities.



Collaborations with security researchers and analysts play a key role in how we keep the Peloton community secure.”

Jorge Lopez

Director of Global Security Incident Response & Threat Intelligence, Peloton

Combine Automated and Manual Assessments

The most mature and successful mobile application security testing programs combine in depth assessments from security experts with automated assessments integrated directly into the development toolchain. NowSecure Platform provides a way for security teams to empower developers to kick off security assessments autonomously from their build process and consume results natively in ticketing systems in order to truly adopt DevSecOps, while providing NowSecure Workstation to give mobile app security analysts the tools they need to quickly and thoroughly test applications.

Manually Test Complex Mobile Apps

NowSecure Workstation is the most complete and comprehensive mobile app security testing toolkit available on the market, purpose built for security analysts of any experience level to effectively use. NowSecure also provides expert Penetration Testing services for organizations that need manual assessments but do not have the capacity internally to support the test. Utilizing both in tandem can initiate and accelerate the testing, remediation, and validation of security vulnerabilities in mobile apps.

Protect Against Supply Chain Attacks

Supply chain risk is a critical attack vector for organizations to secure. NowSecure provides security teams with the security and privacy data they need to make informed decisions about the apps allowed and blocked from company networks and devices in order to protect the organization and employees from breach.

Upskill Development and Security Teams

Improve the secure development skills and the mobile app testing skills of security teams with NowSecure Academy for free. Learn best practices for building secure mobile apps and for testing the security and privacy of a mobile application from NowSecure mobile experts and deliver secure mobile applications faster.

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