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NowSecure partners can take advantage of our first-of-its-kind automated mobile app security testing technology and apply additional layers of services and/or products to serve specific sectors, customer groups, and new technology opportunities such as the Internet of Things (IoT).

There's a real need in the market for a fast and effective mobile application security solution, a need that just hasn’t been met by any of the application security players to date. The powerful combination of WhiteHat and NowSecure makes it possible for organizations to apply the same security rigor to their mobile apps that they've been able to bring to their enterprise apps for years.

Michael GoldgofVP of MarketingWhiteHat Security

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Human-ValidatedMobile App Security Assessments

White Hat Security provides industry-leading web and mobile app assessments verified by their Threat Research Center for enterprises around the world. NowSecure is proud to partner with WhiteHat Security and power its Sentinel Mobile Express offering.

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Security TechnologyFor Mobile App Development

Kony is a recognized leader in enterprise mobility and mobile application development. NowSecure has partnered with Kony to deliver security assessment technology and services to customers using the Kony platform for mobile application development.

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