NowSecure Debuts New OWASP New MASVS Mobile Pen Test From NowSecure MASVS Mobile Pen Tests

NowSecure Debuts New OWASP MASVS Mobile Pen Tests

This blog post covers NowSecure’s New OWASP MASVS Mobile Pen Tests. To support the needs of the OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) security requirements, NowSecure recently expanded its expert mobile application penetration tests to offer OWASP MASVS compliance and incorporated OWASP MASVS findings into NowSecure Platform software for automated mobile application security testing.

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Mobile DevSecOps

Build trust across mobile app development and security teams to shorten time to release with security baked in. Automatically scan binaries for security & privacy flaws and return accurate results in minutes. Leverage industry standards-based testing for predictability, safety, governance and speed.

Ship early. Ship often. Ship securely.

Manual pen tests often take weeks and flaws discovered late in the cycle can delay releases, ruining key DevOps KPIs measuring velocity and quality. Purpose-built for DevSecOps, NowSecure Platform automates mobile app security and privacy tests in just minutes using industry standards and eliminates false positives so devs can focus on fixing, instead of verifying, issues.

Maximize visibility across teams

Use one unified approach to mobile app security and privacy testing so development, security, ops, and compliance teams can manage mobile app risk at scale while innovating. Standards-based approach dramatically improves team alignment and collaboration, which in turn improves quality and speeds release times for mobile app creators.

Integrate with tools you already use

Bake security into your existing workflow. Integrate with popular CI/CD build tools, like Cloudbees Jenkins, Microsoft Azure DevOps, CircleCI, and Gitlab, issue tracking systems like Jira and vulnerability management systems like Brinqa and Threadfix.

Eliminate False Positives and Automate Security Testing with NowSecure

Industry-leading Software with Pen Testing Strength Coverage in Minutes

Purpose-built for Mobile DevSecOps, the NowSecure Platform empowers mobile app security and development teams to scale security testing, maximize visibility across teams, and connect with NowSecure experts to get questions answered.

Lean on Seasoned Mobile Security Analysts and Researchers

NowSecure experts are at-the-ready to share their vast experience in all things mobile app security - from pen testing services to Frida and Radare training, the team is here to help!

Case Study: Regional Bank

We don’t want security to be a root canal. Automated mobile appsec testing makes it easier for development to embrace security because it’s baked into the software development lifecycle process.”
Application Security Executive Regional Bank
Mobile DevSecOps


Experience best-in-class mobile app security testing (MAST)

IDC named NowSecure a Leader in 2 Marketscape reports for MAST. See NowSecure in action.

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