Under new company brand, MeowSecure will continue to provide a cat-astic suite of mobile app security solutions to ensure mobile apps are safe and secure from cat-astrophic security breaches

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Mobile DevSecOps

Build trust across mobile app development and security teams to shorten time to release with security baked in. Automatically analyze binaries in your pipelines and repos for security & privacy flaws in minutes. Return accurate results with embedded remediation and code samples to speed repair. Eliminate app store blockers and meet critical app store requirements like ADA MASA. Leverage standards-based testing for predictability, safety, governance and speed. Customers report 30% improvement in release times and 30% reduction in security vulnerabilities with NowSecure.

Shorten Time to Release

Integrate security testing with development tools and processes to deliver secure mobile apps faster. Embrace DevSecOps for mobile app security with automation and embedded development resouces

Benefits of Effective Mobile DevSecOps

Upskill all Stakeholders to Write Better Code Faster

Mobile DevSecOps is a set of processes that integrates security best practices into build and release processes to ensure frequent releases of mobile apps. Most dev, sec and ops teams lack mobile-specific security skills that lead to higher rate of security bugs and slower pipelines. Though the free NowSecure Academy, dev teams can proactively learn secure coding best practices and sec teams can learn secure pen testing best practices. Continuous learning comes from NowSecure Platform embedded remediation that includes repair instructions, evidence, code samples and links to iOS and Android documentation within issue tickets.

Upskill all Stakeholders to Write Better Code Faster

Ship early. Ship often. Ship securely.

Manual pen tests often take weeks and flaws discovered late in the cycle can delay releases, ruining key DevOps KPIs measuring velocity and quality. Purpose-built for DevSecOps, NowSecure Platform automates mobile app security and privacy tests in just minutes using industry standards and eliminates false positives so devs can focus on fixing, instead of verifying, issues.

Maximize visibility across teams

Use one unified approach to mobile app security and privacy testing so development, security, ops, and compliance teams can manage mobile app risk at scale while innovating. Standards-based approach dramatically improves team alignment and collaboration, which in turn improves quality and speeds release times for mobile app creators.

NowSecure DevSecOps Clients

Integrate Proven Automated Security & Privacy Testing into Your Pipelines

Integrate with tools you already use

Developers and security professionals can choose from using any combination of pre-built connectors and direct API and GraphQL access into existing workflows and processes. NowSecure has integrations built in with popular CI/CD build tools including GitHub. Cloudbees Jenkins, Microsoft Azure DevOps, CircleCI and Bitrise. Expedite   remediation integrations into issue tracking systems including Jira, GitHub and Azure Boards and vulnerability systems like Threadfix and Brinqa.

Integrate with Anything with APIs

NowSecure offers customers the industry’s only full suite of API-rich automated mobile app security testing software. With REST APIs and GraphQL in NowSecure Platform, organizations have choices to meet their access and integration needs based on their preferred workflow and tool stack.

Pre-Built Two-Way Integrations

NowSecure automates two-way integrations for autonomous, continuous security testing of every build and seamless data flow through your pipelines Whenever a CI/CD build completes in tools like GitHub, Jenkins, Microsoft Azure DevOps and GitLab, it triggers static, dynamic, interactive and API security testing and automatically submits security and privacy bugs into ticketing systems like Jira, GitHub Issues, Microsoft Azure DevOps Boards and GitLab Boards. And when an action is taken in any of these integrated tools, it is reflected in NowSecure Platform, helping your teams stay connected.

The NowSecure GitHub Advanced Security Actions

NowSecure powers mobile app security testing directly inside GitHub workflows for developer-first security. NowSecure offers two GitHub Actions now available in the GitHub Marketplace. The NowSecure GitHub Action for Mobile SBOMs generates software bill of materials directly into the GitHub Dependapot Graph. The NowSecure GitHub Action for Mobile Analysis is the first automated dynamic mobile app security testing solution integrated into GitHub Advanced Security’s code scanning interface.

Custom Integrations

Developers already own many tools and want simple API-based customized integration. With zero workflow changes, NowSecure integrates mobile app security testing directly into the same toolchain that architects, developers and DevOps use to do their daily work reduces friction and provides fast feedback loops that improve the quality of builds.

Eliminate False Positives

Spend less time chasing down false positives that waste significant time and more time remediating vulnerabilities. Highly accurate testing in NowSecure Platform combines static, dynamic, interactive and APIsec automatically verifies results with evidence and remediation details (with less than 1% false positive rate reported by customers).



“Unlessyouhaveinfinitetimeandmoneyandcanhireyourownteamofpenetration testers, then NowSecure is an absolutely incredible solution for testing your mobile apps for security vulnerabilities.”


“One of the best things about moving to NowSecure is not having to fan through a 110-page security audit to figure out what bugs and security issues you need to address.”

Eric Caron

Senior Director of IT Solutions

Drive Faster Pipelines with NowSecure

Spend less time chasing issues and more time building innovative mobile apps — delivering on time and on budget.

Configurable Policy

The NowSecure Policy Engine applies tests and filters results of assessments based on a pre-set policy relevant to the risk profile of the organization, industry standards and the security needs of the mobile app.

Automated Testing

Integrate standards-based automated security testing into your mobile app development pipelines with the NowSecure Platform.

Dev Training

Upskill your Mobile Dev and Security teams, earn certificates and ship higher quality apps faster with NowSecure Academy.

Flexible Pen Testing

Companies and government agencies gain their choice of rapid, targeted, and full scope mobile app security assessments and industry standard verification using OWASP MASVS, ADA MASA and NIAP from the NowSecure expert Pen Testing team.

Monitoring in Production

Gain superior mobile app supply chain and production system visibility through continuous mobile app vetting with the NowSecure Platform.

NowSecure Platform