The depth and scope of NowSecure Platform testing gives customers assurance that their mobile AppSec programs meet the highest industry standard.

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NowSecure GitHub Actions

Developers are building innovative mobile apps faster than ever. NowSecure and GitHub have partnered to seamlessly integrate mobile app security testing into GitHub Workflows. Combine NowSecure Platform and expertise with GitHub Advanced Security to ensure the security and privacy of mobile apps as they’re built to deliver high-quality, secure mobile app releases faster.

Speed Delivery of Mobile Apps with Developer-First Security

Facing tight delivery deadlines and high security expectations, mobile app development teams rely on DevOps tools and GitHub to ship mobile apps faster. Teams need developer-first, integrated security in the software development pipeline to deliver high-quality releases on time and avoid vulnerable software dependencies to safeguard the software supply chain.

GitHub and NowSecure

With more than 83 million developers, GitHub is the most widely used code hosting service in the world. NowSecure has partnered with GitHub to bring developer-first mobile app security analysis through GitHub Actions to enable millions of Android and iOS developers to quickly raise the bar on mobile app security. NowSecure Platform can be integrated with GitHub Advanced Security for mobile app testing and integrated with GitHub Dependabot for dependency tracking.

NowSecure GitHub Action for Mobile App Analysis

NowSecure offers the first automated dynamic mobile app security testing solution integrated into GitHub Advanced Security’s code scanning interface with the NowSecure GitHub Action for Mobile App Analysis. The action delivers fast, automated, and accurate security analysis that can be configured to run on every code commit, tests mobile apps written in any language or with any framework, and feeds security issues back directly to the GitHub Security tab. With this Action, security and development teams can start NowSecure assessments and consume NowSecure results natively in the GitHub interface as code scanning alert tickets.To speed developer issue resolution, all tickets include details such as severity, priority, evidence, remediation instructions, code examples and links to Apple iOS and Google Android developer documentation.

NowSecure GitHub Action for Mobile SBOM

Every NowSecure Mobile SBOM includes component detail for visibility into the libraries and frameworks included in the mobile app; identifying direct and transitive dependencies, pinpointing libraries and frameworks that are using older versions, identifying components that remain but may have previously specified to be removed, and uncovering component license details. The NowSecure GitHub Action for Mobile SBOM integrates this information into GitHub Dependabot to help developers ensure they are using the latest, safe versions of software component libraries, third-party libraries, and frameworks as they build mobile apps. By populating the GitHub Dependency Graph with mobile data, in the future GitHub Dependabot alerts can update dependencies to the latest and more secure versions of libraries in mobile apps.


NowSecure Powers Mobile DevSecOps

NowSecure has partnered with GitHub to deliver the most developer friendly, seamless mobile app security testing process process available in the industry. Embracing Mobile DevSecOps is key to deliver secure mobile apps faster and with NowSecure, developers and security professionals can choose from using any combination of pre-built connectors and direct API and GraphQL access into existing workflows and processes.

The NowSecure Difference

The NowSecure and GitHub strategic partnership provides expert automated mobile app security testing from NowSecure at the incredible speed of GitHub development pipelines. The NowSecure GitHub Actions make finding and fixing issues faster and easier than ever, seamlessly in GitHub workflows. With a suite of automated mobile app security and privacy testing solutions, penetration testing and training services, NowSecure offers mobile app security testing solutions beyond GitHub too.

Actionable Integrated Tickets

The NowSecure GitHub Action for Mobile App Analysis integrates the information from NowSecure findings into GitHub code scanning alert tickets. These tickets are customizable, and can include severity as CVSS score, priority, evidence, remediation instructions, good and bad code examples, and links to the Appli iOS and Google Android developer documentation. This empowers developers to quickly understand and fix issues easily, without having to ever leave the GitHub interface.

Training for Even Faster Pipelines

Developer skills can drive pipeline performance. NowSecure also offers NowSecure Academy, a completely free upskilling platform for development teams to learn how to write more secure code from the start and for security teams to learn how to efficiently and effectively test mobile apps for security issues. By combining security-conscious developers and GitHub actions, teams can deliver secure mobile apps even faster.

Combine Continuous Automated with Periodic Manual

NowSecure integrated with GitHub provides configurable, continuous, integrated, automated mobile app security and privacy testing. The NowSecure suite of mobile app security testing solutions also includes NowSecure Pen Testing Services, NowSecure Platform Guided Testing, and NowSecure Workstation, which equips security teams and executives with additional coverage and tools for testing specific high risk mobile apps and workflows.

Configure Policy and Integrations

The NowSecure Platform Policy Engine combines relevant compliance requirements, customized CVSS scores, and prioritized findings to create a standard policy at an organization, team, or app level. This risk-based standard policy customizes the results surfaced in assessments in GitHub issues and NowSecure Platform to make sure developers only get the tickets that are critical to fix while security teams get tickets that require more investigation.

Speed the Delivery of Secure Mobile Apps

Integrate NowSecure Platform with GitHub