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Mobile App Security Testing Training

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Mobile apps present the largest potential revenue growth for a myriad of businesses, so it’s essential to find ways to address and prevent mobile cyberattacks. However, implementing effective mobile app security presents a challenge for numerous mobile apps and cyberattacks are on the rise. Without effective mobile app security testing, the vulnerabilities of unsecured apps expose users to unnecessary risks. In an effort to reduce mobile app security issues and provide high-quality mobile app security testing training, NowSecure has launched NowSecure Academy. Keep reading to learn how our professional development courses and learning paths teach you how to implement robust mobile app security measures.

Why Should You Choose NowSecure Academy for Mobile AppSec Testing Training?

The global shortage of software developers and cybersecurity professionals has greatly increased the need for greater security training across the board. To address that need, we launched NowSecure Academy, a free training and paid certification resource that developers, architects, QA professionals, and security personnel can use to develop a more robust set of security-related skills. Mobile app security testing and training content focuses on mobile apps to provide participants with up-to-date, well-rounded security information. These courses serve as a solid foundation for understanding basic mobile app security terms and concepts. To enhance real-time security skills and responses, course participants will learn about the mobile attack surface and common attack vectors.

Who Is NowSecure Academy For?

NowSecure Academy’s learning platform benefits developers, security personnel, project stakeholders, and other professionals. Tech professionals who want to promote well-defended Android and iOS mobile apps stand to harness the most cutting-edge approaches, resources, and technologies through NowSecure Academy. 

Whether you’re a mobile app developer, a web-based app developer, a penetration tester, a mobile app architect, a tech manager, or you serve in any role that prioritizes mobile security, it’s worth exploring NowSecure Academy. 

Our learning paths aim to incorporate more in-depth development team training, continuous testing processes, identification and remediation techniques, complex pen testing protocols, and mobile app monitoring after the mobile app’s release.

The global shortage of software developers and cybersecurity professionals has greatly increased the need for greater security training across the board.

Certificate Learning Paths

NowSecure Academy offers two unique learning paths that developers and security analysts can pursue to earn mobile app security testing certifications. Each path begins by covering the basic foundations of cybersecurity and gradually builds in lesson complexity. By the end of each learning path, participants will have gained professional-level experience along with opportunities to take specialty courses. Regardless of an individual’s current skill level, NowSecure Academy aims to include and inform everyone. 

Mobile Application Security Foundations Certificate

This program is designed to expand upon the participant’s current knowledge of mobile AppSec and cybersecurity skills. The self-paced program should only require about one hour of the participant’s time to complete the four courses included. 

The Mobile Application Security Foundations module covers:

  • Introductory Information for Mobile App Security
    (Basic Mobile App Security Details | Mobile App Pen Testing)
  • Industry Standards and Risk Assessments
    (Standards and Risk Assessments | OWASP Mobile App Security Verification Standard | CVSS)
  • Architecture and Analysis
    (Android and iOS Architecture Fundamentals | Mobile Attack Surface | Dynamic and Static Analysis)
  • Labs, Tools and Security Processes
    (Common Pen Testing Tools | Lab Essentials | Pen Testing Processes)

Secure Mobile Development Professional Certificate

This program is designed for enterprises and the courses included will enhance secure mobile app development as well as secure coding practices. Registering for this learning path requires participants to complete a registration form and cover a course fee.

Like the above-mentioned program, the self-paced Secure Mobile Development Professional coursework should take about three and a half hours to complete the eight courses included.

This learning path will cover the following topics:

  • Introductory Information for Mobile App Security
    (Common Mobile Security Issues | Mobile Security Best Practices | Secure Design Requirements)
  • Data Storage and Privacy
    (Storage Locations on Mobile Platforms |Data Writing Locations on Devices | Security Controls to Prevent Data Theft | Privacy Techniques | Tabletop Scenarios)
  • Cryptography
    (Importance of Cryptography | Incorporating Cryptography | Best Practices | Tabletop Scenarios)
  • Authentication and Session Management
    (Importance of Authentication and Session Management | Implementation Considerations | Mitigating High-Risk Challenges | Best Practices | Tabletop Scenarios)
  • Secure Network Communications
    (Importance of Network Security | Security Considerations | In-Depth Network Defense | Mitigating High-Risk Challenges | Best Practices | Tabletop Scenarios)
  • Platform Features and Interactions
    (Mobile Platform Functions | Security and Privacy Issues | Best Practices | Tabletop Scenarios)
  • Code Quality and Build Settings
    (Production vs Pre-production Code | Mitigating Third-Party Risks | Free Security Tools and Controls | Best Practices \ Tabletop Scenarios)
  • In-Depth Defense Techniques
    (Reverse Engineering | Increase App Resilience | Threat Modeling | Best Practices)

Continuous Learning

On top of providing structured learning path options for mobile app security professionals, NowSecure Academy embraces the sentiment that many tech individuals express; the desire to keep learning and building on their current skills. 

Our Continuous Learning menu contains a vast library of quick, convenient individual courses that participants can complete during their free time. 

The Continuous Learning Library covers a variety of tech and cybersecurity topics like ADA Mobile Application Security Assessments (MASA), Cyberattackers, Security IoT, Testing Processes on Mobile vs Web, Google Play Data, and much more. 

Most individual courses take less than half an hour to complete, and even the longer courses only require about an hour of the participant’s time.

NowSecure and our selection of mobile application security testing tools and resources help safeguard sensitive data. We strive to continually improve mobile application security and impart secure coding practices to benefit mobile analysts, app developers and tech teams to reduce the risk of mobile data breaches. 

Visit NowSecure today and check out the learning path offerings on the NowSecure Academy platform.