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Top Mobile Development Certifications

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Both new and experienced software developers benefit from a variety of professional certifications. These mobile development certifications foster higher quality code throughout the software development lifecycle. Beyond showing a developer’s expertise, they display a commitment to continuous education in a rapidly changing industry. Certifications not only help developers grow their career and earn higher salaries, they help deliver safer software faster.

When it comes to mobile app development however, certification programs are relatively new and typically focused on specific platforms such as Android or iOS. Certifications can help mobile app developers distinguish themselves from their peers and stay ahead of the changing security and privacy landscape.

Start with OS Essential Certifications

The two most popular mobile developer certifications begin with the dueling operating systems from Apple and Google. Mobile developers tend to pick a platform and primarily focus on either Android or iOS mobile app development.

Android developers should pursue the Associate Android Developer certification, the first in a series from Google. The certification measures basic, entry-level Android developer skills and features exams for both in Kotlin and Java. 

Swift is Apple’s iOS development language. Apple doesn’t offer a Swift certification, however, which means a variety of third-party certifiers have emerged. Online courses at universities or training sites like Coursera or Udemy offer respected programs. To start, developers would be wise to seek iOS Application Development with Swift Certification. The exam tests basic understanding of iOS development tools, basic programming concepts using Swift as the language, and industry best practices.

“Developers don’t necessarily need to be proficient in both Android and iOS development,” says George Anderson, vice president of engineering for NowSecure. “While an understanding of both platforms can be very helpful, many developers select one platform and stick with it for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the platform they choose, developers should start with OS certifications.”

“Certifications do more than look good on a resume. They make developers better coders and more valuable assets to an organization.” — rnrn – George Anderson, Vice President of Engineering, NowSecure

Mobile Development Platform Certifications

Mobile developers can also achieve a certification for building apps in Flutter. Flutter is Google’s mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS, Android, web, and desktop. It works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source. The Flutter Certified Application Developer designation shows proficiency in this framework specifically for mobile applications.
 The IBM Mobile Foundation v8.0 Application Development certification shows proficiency in using IBM’s platform for native, hybrid and cross-platform mobile app development. MobileFirst Foundation, formerly known as IBM Worklight®, is a suite of software development products that allow developers to build and deliver mobile applications for the enterprise.

“Some certifications, like the ones for Flutter or IBM Mobile Foundation show cross-platform expertise,” adds Anderson. “They may be valuable for developers entering specific organizations whose tech stack requires the use of unique platforms or tools.”

NowSecure Academy Mobile Security Certifications

Before 2021, there were very few current certification programs for secure mobile app development and mobile app security testing. In a SANS Institute 2021 DevSecOps Survey, respondents identified training developers and engineers on secure coding practices as the top success factor with highest impact on security and quality. This need for professional training and certification led to the creation of NowSecure Academy.

“Until now there were few formal training programs for mobile app developers in the security testing arena, and none that had emerged as an industry standard,” says Anderson. “NowSecure saw an opportunity to offer the kind of robust mobile appsec training we offer to our top-tier customers and government agencies to plug the skills gap.”

Offering training in the fundamentals of mobile app security for development and security professionals, DevOps leads and other aspiring security champions, NowSecure Academy provides the resources for teams to learn, communicate or adopt secure coding practices. Delivered in a mix of paid and free training, these mobile appsec courses focus on domain knowledge and actionable learning. NowSecure aims to make training relevant and valuable to the entire DevOps community and all stakeholders. 

NowSecure Academy courses include free mobile appsec training to help educate the mobile dev, architects, QA, DevOps engineers and security analysts in the community, as well as formal professional certification programs for individuals and organizations. For example, on-demand, self-paced online training modules help developers expand their cybersecurity skills and earn a secure mobile development certificate to act as a champion for their team. 

Why Certifications Matter

Employers look for developer candidates with experience building high-quality, secure mobile apps. They want coders who deliver high quality code with a broad knowledge of various programming languages, API integrations and security best practices. We see a growing trend in application development and mobile security certifications and hear about higher pay opportunities, so having one can not only differentiate developers from other candidates, it can make them better coders, help them land better assignments and demand higher salaries.

“Certifications do more than look good on a resume. They make developers better coders and more valuable assets to an organization,” says Anderson. “Perhaps their greatest value lies in the importance they place on best practices for security and privacy. Many organizations will fund or reimburse devs for these certifications to gain an advantage for their products.”

NowSecure Academy is our free training and paid certification resource to upskill developers, architects, QA, devops and security teams. Visit and sign up for an account today.