World’s Deepest 3rd-Party Mobile App Vetting

Manage 3rd-party app risk with the highest quality, continuous security intelligence into Apple® App Store® and Google Play™ store apps available today. NowSecure INTEL™ delivers the world’s most advanced “always-on” mobile app security vetting of 3rd-party commercial mobile apps to give enterprise mobility and security teams unprecedented visibility and control over the ever-expanding mobile perimeter.

Swift, Smart DecisionsAbout External Risk

Thousands of BYOD and COPE devices within the enterprise and hundreds apps per device generates millions of points of compliance, operational, and reputational risk at the enterprise. Continuous monitoring with on-demand reports and API access to deep security intelligence into millions of the top Android and iOS apps with NowSecure INTEL empowers enterprise mobility and security teams to make informed whitelist and blacklist decisions at scale – while maximizing the value of their EMM and threat intelligence strategies and solutions.

3rd-party mobile app risk
3rd-Party Mobile App Security Intelligence Reports

Highest Quality, Continuous3rd-Party App Security Intelligence

NowSecure INTEL continuously monitors the Apple App Store and Google Play store to automatically perform in-depth static, dynamic and behavioral security analysis of new and updated 3rd-party apps on real iOS and Android devices. Going beyond legacy vendors’ informational scans that report data of questionable value and are prone to false positives, NowSecure INTEL delivers comprehensive analysis from the attacker point-of-view with rich security data, detailed findings and near-zero false positives. In addition, NowSecure INTEL calculates and presents an actionable NowSecure Security Score based on security, privacy, and compliance findings and the industry-standard Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).

Annihilate 3rd-Party App RiskAt The Source

Having assessed millions of Android and iOS app-store apps, we find that 49% of apps harbor at least one high-risk flaw, 17% of apps expose sensitive user data in transit, and 29% of apps reveal sensitive user data at rest. Among other risks, 3rd-party apps can expose sensitive data, conceal malicious code, and provide valuable reconnaissance (e.g., corporate credentials) for cross-channel attacks.

Mobile app risk: Password sent unencrypted
Mobile app risk: Heartbleed check

Respond Quickly to3rd-Party Mobile App Security Incidents

When a large-scale security vulnerability or incident is disclosed, NowSecure INTEL can help you quickly understand the impact on mobile apps used within your organization. At left is an example of the NowSecure INTEL check for the Heartbleed vulnerability in the OpenSSL library. When Google disclosed the Cloudflare "Cloudbleed" bug in 2017, the NowSecure INTEL engine identified mobile apps potentially affected by the vulnerability due to connections to Cloudflare servers in minutes.

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Flexible Deployment Options

With a rich, interactive web UI or open RESTful APIs, NowSecure INTEL has you up and running in no-time with instantaneous access to our database of 3rd-party public app security intelligence on millions of Apple App Store and Google Play store apps.

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