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Mobile App Vetting

Spot and take action on hidden mobile app dangers that put your enterprise at risk. Quickly identify data leakage, security policy violations, and more in the mobile apps used by your employees. Continous mobile app vetting powered by the NowSecure Intelligence engine provides up-to-the-minute visibility into the security of mobile apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Continuously Monitor +Pinpoint Threats from Mobile Apps

Enterprises use mobile app vetting from NowSecure to assess the security and privacy behaviors of any public Android or iOS app. By querying our NowSecure Intelligence analytics engine, our mobile app vetting solution gives you real-time security information about any public app that might expose corporate or customer data so you can eliminate threats at their source.

Vet mobile apps

Mobile app vetting of third-party iOS and Android apps

Detect Network TrafficTo Unwanted Destinations

Mobile devices are citizens of the world. The average device communicates with more than 160 unique IP addresses all around the world each day. Stop the transmission of your corporate and customer data to untrusted destinations with details about what IP addresses, ISPs, domains, and organizations an app sends data to.

Third party libraries

Determine If VulnerabilitiesExist Within Third-Party Libraries

Identify mobile apps that integrate problematic third-party libraries and also use your SDK or connect to your corporate assets. Our engine correlates data from hundreds-of-thousands of mobile apps to help organizations track third-party libraries and provide a clear picture of third-party libraries that could fail to secure mobile data.

Respond Quickly to IncidentsImpacting Mobile Apps

When a security incident affecting a large-scale service provider hits the headlines, quickly understand the impact on mobile apps used within your organization. When Google disclosed the Cloudflare "Cloudbleed" bug in 2017, the NowSecure Intelligence engine had identified mobile apps that connect to Cloudflare servers and were potentially affected by the vulnerability in minutes.

See a Cloudbleed Data Sample >

Assess Any AppUsing Our Dashboard or API

Access our ever-expanding set of millions of data points through our API or web dashboard. Customize the NowSecure Intelligence feed to provide you the mobile app security analytics most relevant to your organization and plug it into existing dashboards or design new ones using our API.

NowSecure dashboard
Accenture whitepaper

Mobile App Security StudyAnalyzing Popular Banking Apps

To help financial institutions understand and overcome challenges in delivering secure mobile financial services, NowSecure collaborated with Accenture Consulting to study the state of security among mobile iOS and Android banking apps from 15 financial institutions.

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