Organizations face an ever-increasing volume of security and privacy risks associated with mobile applications. Challenges include ensuring mobile app security without slowing down developers, guarding against software supply chain risk and regulatory compliance violations, and upskilling security and dev teams with best practices for secure coding. 

Whether you seek to speed releases, improve quality, manage risk or scale efficiently, NowSecure can help your organization accelerate the mobile DevSecOps pipeline and reduce the risk of supply-chain vulnerabilities. With more than a decade of mobile security expertise, NowSecure offers a comprehensive suite of software, services and training that includes NowSecure Platform for on-demand automated mobile application security testing, integrated mobile app security testing for DevSecOps, supply chain monitoring and compliance reporting and certification; NowSecure Workstation for manual mobile AppSec testing; NowSecure Pen Testing Services for expert outsourced assessments; and NowSecure Academy for stakeholder security training and skills certification.

Mobile App SDLC

Our experience with customers in finance, high tech, retail, hospitality, transportation and government sectors has found that the most effective mobile application security and DevSecOps programs apply complementary software and services. Read the “How World-Class Organizations Scale Mobile App Security & DevSecOps” white paper to discover how organizations in a range of industries rely on NowSecure solutions to ensure the security of all the mobile apps they build and buy.

How World-Class Organizations Scale Mobile App Security & DevSecOps

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