NowSecure Data

Get intelligence on millions of public mobile apps. NowSecure Data provides continuous monitoring of commercial apps for security, privacy and compliance risks so you have the visibility to make wise procurement, whitelist and blacklist decisions.

Instant visibility of risk in millions of public apps

Whether you monitor security, compliance & privacy risks of 100 mobile apps or 1,000,000 mobile apps, NowSecure Data provides current & historical intel to understand and manage mobile app risk.

Let data drive decisions to blacklist risky apps

Build policy & governance for mobile apps allowed on BYOD and corporate-owned devices. Integrate mobile app vetting with your MDM/EMM to blacklist apps before they get installed and before they leak sensitive data – with no agent on device.

Add mobile risk to your threat intelligence

Extend your threat intelligence and risk management coverage with mobile app risk data. More than 63% of digital time is now spent in mobile apps and attackers have moved to mobile, so visibility and control of mobile risk is the new imperative.

Extend supply chain risk management to mobile apps

Protect your business and employees from unknown risk hiding in apps you don’t build and can’t control. Add mobile app vetting to your procurement program to ensure all mobile app purchases are safe for use.

Security, Compliance & Privacy Insights on Millions of iOS and Android Apps

Integrate with your MDM solution

Enable the business with peace of mind by continuously monitoring the risk profile for millions of mobile apps. Stay current with the latest mobile app updates pushed to the app stores and adjust policy accordingly.

Custom data solutions tailored to your needs

From data integration with your technology to competitive benchmarking and custom solutions, NowSecure can partner with you to get the insights you need to stay ahead of the market.

Manage Mobile App Risk with Data Driven Decisions

Learn how NowSecure Data can power your organization today.


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