The Ultimate Guide to Establishing an Effective Mobile DevSecOps Toolchain

7 smart strategies to reduce friction in the CI/CD pipeline and scale delivery of secure mobile apps

As digital transformation and evolving user preferences drive mobile app development to unprecedented levels, enterprises must adjust to new realities. Mobile apps increasingly run key business processes. They're tied to sensitive customer data. And they play a central role in the readiness of an organization to meet market demands.

The more important mobile apps become, the more organizations have to lose when they're riddled with security bugs. However, no organization can afford to slow down mobile developers from delivering features crucial to competitiveness.

This means that enterprises must figure out how to deliver mobile apps quickly AND securely. In this ebook, you'll learn how mobile DevSecOps strikes a balance between speed and security. Discover how DevSecOps differs for mobile app development teams and what it takes to build effective mobile DevSecOps toolchains within organizations large and small.

Gain insight and tips to help you:

  • Prioritize the developer experience
  • Bolster mobile DevSecOps automation
  • Reduce false positives
  • Foster collaboration between security and DevOps teams.

Traditional gaps in mobile appsec automation can be overcome today and mobile app dev teams no longer need to work in isolation of their web dev teammates. Find out how by downloading this ebook today.

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