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Vokal adds NowSecure Lab for mobile application security testing

Contact: Hannah LaCorte

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July 22, 2015 - 12:00 am

Mobile app development is exploding. According to Gartner, there are 1.3 billion mobile devices with 180 billion app downloads projected for 2015. There are no signs this rate will slow down anytime soon. Yet despite the fact that mobile devices and apps are integrated into almost every facet our our lives, the way they secure our privacy and data needs improvement.

At NowSecure, our research shows that almost fifty percent of all the apps in the stores have at least one high risk security flaw. Last month, Ryan Welton @Fuzion24 disclosed that over 600 million Samsung Galaxy users were exposed to a security vulnerability in the keyboardäó_ something we all use every day.

We believe better mobile security begins with more secure development. The industry needs to do more to protect the privacy and personal data of device users. When we were approached by Vokal to help them provide their customers with a comprehensive mobile app security strategy, we were thrilled. As a mobile-first agency, Vokal really gets that mobile is different. NowSecure began as a mobile forensics company in the early days of iOS and before the birth of Android. They get it and we get it. It’s a good combination.

We are proud to support Vokal in bringing the most advanced mobile app testing and analytics to their customers. More on that below. We hope that all mobile app developers apply secure development best practices throughout the app life cycle and come to consider regular security testing as absolutely essential.

Vokal selects NowSecure to advance mobile application security

The two mobile-first companies combine forces to offer the most comprehensive mobile security solution for a digital agency

Vokal announced today that it will begin offering its enterprise and startup clients the industry’s most advanced mobile application security testing and analytics from NowSecure — making Vokal the only mobile-first digital agency with a comprehensive mobile app security strategy. The addition of the NowSecure industry leading solution is part of Vokal’s continued evolution of integrated service offerings, which puts mobile security at the top of its priority list for clients and their audiences.

“You can design and develop a mobile experience that has all the latest bells and whistles, but if you can’t secure customer and enterprise data, then the product is worthless,” said Reid Lappin, Founder and CEO of Vokal. “Our deep mobile heritage allows us to understand the landscape better than anyone, especially the importance of identifying and preventing vulnerabilities within a custom mobile application. Building safe and protected mobile experiences has always been a priority and our work with NowSecure takes it to an entirely new level — setting a new agency standard in secure mobility.”

Beginning today, Vokal will offer its current and future clients best-in-class mobile security testing and analytics through NowSecure Lab䋢, which allows developers and security managers to reduce security risks through automated and customized vulnerability testing. NowSecure Lab will equip Vokal’s engineering team with advanced testing and analytics capabilities that allow for even greater mobile security — reducing the risk of breaches and unauthorized access to valuable data.

Leading developers and security analysts worldwide count on NowSecure Lab as a comprehensive solution for mobile app security assessments:

  • Designed to test for security and privacy issues in owned and third party apps across the Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC)
  • Delivers streamlined app testing during development to preemptively eliminate risk before it affects organization and customers and improve overall efficiency
  • Checks for issues in apps already publicly available in the app stores
  • Provides the ability to control testing conditions
  • Can run unlimited tests and automated results in minutes

“While many in the industry still focus on malware, the real issue is unsecured mobile devices and apps that leak sensitive data, said Andrew Hoog, CEO of NowSecure. “Vokal is a thought leader and clearly understands that mobility requires a new kind of security. By offering a comprehensive mobile security strategy to its clients, Vokal is uniquely able to provide security through the entire software development lifecycle. NowSecure Lab empowers their software engineers to conduct the most comprehensive testing and analytics available today.”

About NowSecure

As the standards-based mobile app security and privacy company, NowSecure protects the Mobile App Economy. The world’s most demanding organizations, innovative mobile developers and advanced security teams entrust NowSecure to safeguard millions of mobile app users across banking, insurance, high tech, IoT, retail, hospitality, energy and government sectors. Only NowSecure delivers the full solution suite of continuous security testing for DevSecOps, mobile app supply-chain monitoring, expert mobile pen testing and training courseware with the depth, speed, accuracy, and efficiency to meet modern organization demands. Dedicated to the open-source community and standards including OWASP, ioXt and NIAP, NowSecure is SOC 2 certified and recognized by IDC, Gartner, Deloitte Fast 500, and TAG Cyber.

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