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NowSecure Forensics» Version 3.2: Reporting overhaul, location mapping and more

NowSecure Forensics» has been updated to v3.2, which introduces a mulitude of new features aimed at enhancing your investigations.

Contact: Hannah LaCorte

Tel: (202) 240-7611

Email: [email protected]

For Immediate Release

September 10, 2015 - 12:00 am

Whats new

  • Updated reporting system
    • NowSecure Forensics 3.2 introduces our new reporting system. The new system gives greater flexibility as to what is included in the report as well as a number of stability and speed improvements.

    NowSecure Forensics report

    • The html and pdf reports have been updated to be easier to navigate and read, and can now included carved images and recovered data.

    NowSecure Forensics report timeline

  • Location Mapping tool
    • We have added a new location mapping tool which takes coordinates from analyzed data and plots them on a map to give you a visual guide to where the device has been.

    Location Mapping tool

    • The mapped data has the same filters used on our timeline tool allowing you to filter by extraction, and also artifact source.

    Location Mapping tool

    • Artifact details are presented beneath the map allowing you to see all the information you need in the same view. You can then select items of interest to be included in the final report.

    Location Mapping tool

Note: This feature requires the user to be connected to the internet to obtain mapping tiles.

  • Conversation view
    • The converation view lets you filter data to the conversation between the examined device and any contact.
    • Conversation view shows Call history, SMS, Gmail and whatsapp communications between the device and selected contact; sorted in date order. You also have the ability to filter the conversation by date and time, so you can just see the part of the conversation that is of interest to your investigation.

    Conversation View

  • Import Samsung Kies backups and Android Filesystem
    • Now you can import and process data backed up via Samsungs Kies tool as well as any existing android filesystem extractions.
  • SQLite recovery updates
    • Recovered data is now much easier to browse through and process. Users can easily remove columns that do not contain useful data, and select the rows of interest to be included in the report.
  • New app support
    • Android: Google Photos, Samsung Browser, device information, device user details, installed packages and WiFi details
    • iOS: Accounts, Apple maps, Settings, Heytell, iOS Weather, iBooks, Podcasts, User dictionary, Compass, voice memos

Note: This version of NowSecure Forensics uses our new repository for hosting files. For users wishing to update existing installations to 3.2, please see our support site: Upgrading NowSecure Forensics to 3.2

About NowSecure

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