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NowSecure Announces Free Mobile App Security Testing Software and Services Programs to Support Massive Global Mobilization

Free Expert Mobile App Security Review Services Available for COVID-19 Mobile App Developers

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April 07, 2020 - 10:35 am

CHICAGO, April 7, 2020—NowSecure, the leading mobile app security and privacy software company, announced today two programs to support the dramatic rise in demand for safe mobile apps for remote customers and users, and the immediate need for delivering secure and private mobile apps for COVID-19 global health response.

First, NowSecure is launching for a limited time, a free license program for its mobile application security and privacy testing software. NowSecure Platform delivers automated testing for visibility into mobile app risks, security vulnerabilities, privacy issues and compliance gaps. Organizations can now rapidly test in minutes the mobile apps they build and use to meet the spiking demand. To learn more and request participation in this free software security testing program please register here.

Second, many public and private organizations are racing COVID-19 mobile applications to market to meet critical healthcare needs. NowSecure has already assisted a handful of these organizations and is now offering free expert Mobile App Security Review Services to any qualified mobile app developer building a COVID-19 mobile app for public use. To learn more and request free security testing of a qualified COVID-19 mobile app, please register here.

“Now that the entire attack surface has moved to outside organizational boundaries, organizationes, government agencies and educational institutions need to respond quickly to ensure the security and privacy of all of the mobile apps built for and used by their employees and customers,” said Alan Snyder, CEO of NowSecure. “We have been asked by several organizations to assist with the security testing of COVID-19 Apps. NowSecure is doing our part by making our mobile app security and privacy testing solutions and services available free of charge.”

Traditionally enterprises deployed layered defense strategy at the office perimeter. The shift to nearly 100% remote workforce has massively splintered those defenses. With BYOD devices at home and lightly protected home networks, mobile apps on tablets and smartphones are rapidly becoming a primary attack surface. Consumers and mobile app users now homebound depend on organizationes to deliver safe experiences across critical industries like healthcare, retail delivery, food delivery, education, communications, government, emergency services, and more.

There are 4.5 million apps in Apple AppStore™ and Google Play™ and an estimated 25 million private internally developed mobile apps used by organizationes and agencies. Mobile apps already dominated time on device at 63% over desktop time and is expected to grow further. Per App Annie report, for the week of March 14-21 2020 corresponding to the first week of wide-scale stay at home orders, there were 62 million downloads of mobile organization apps worldwide — a spike of 45% week over week and up 90% from the weekly average of 2019. In response to this demand, NowSecure recently released recommendations on safe mobile apps for remote workers. It’s now more important than ever that organizations immediately respond to prevent mobile app breaches and reduce risks.

MyOwnMed partnered with Drexel University to develop and release a Drexel Health Tracker mobile app to support students, faculty and employees to collect and share real-time, real-world data in the race to support its community and research efforts during this challenging time in a pandemic. “We reached out to NowSecure and were pleased that they rapidly responded in 24 hours to test our mobile app so we could speed it to market from start to finish in just a few weeks,” said Vicki Seyfert-Margolis, CEO at MyOwnMed.

Links to learn more and request participation in these programs:

  • Free mobile application security testing program, please register here.
  • Free testing of a qualified COVD-19 mobile app, please register here.

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