NowSecure Launches GovAppDB™ and Threat Assessment Service to Support New Federal Mandates for Mobile Security and Privacy

The solution suite enables agencies to quickly access security threat reports, vulnerability information and SBOMs for commercial mobile app supply chain to support federal tracking and reporting mandates from EO, CISA OMB and DoD

NowSecure Launches GovAppDB™ and Threat Assessment Service to Support New Federal Mandates for Mobile Security and Privacy NowSecure Launches GovAppDB™ and Threat Assessment Service to Support New Federal Mandates for Mobile Security and Privacy Show More
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2016 NowSecure Mobile Security Report Reveals That 25 Percent of Mobile Apps Include at Least One High Risk Security Flaw

Report Includes Analysis of More Than 400,000 Mobile Apps and 140 Million Mobile Security Data Points Collected Each Day by the NowSecure Intelligence Engine

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February 11, 2016 - 12:00 am

NowSecure, the leader in mobile-focused security solutions, today revealed the results of its highly anticipated 2016 NowSecure Mobile Security Report — offering a detailed look into the current state of mobile security. Eye-opening statistics from the report included that a quarter of all mobile apps have at least one high risk security flaw, 35 percent of communications sent by mobile devices are unencrypted, and the average mobile device connects to 160 unique servers each day.

The report featured findings from five popular app categories: Business, Finance, Games, Shopping, and Social. NowSecure found that Business apps are three times more likely to leak login credentials than the average app, while Game apps are one-and-a-half times more likely to include a high-risk vulnerability than the average app..

“Leaky apps are the #1 security problem facing mobile users today. They transmit and/or store private user information and have vulnerabilities that can result in the loss of private, sensitive user data,” said Andrew Hoog, CEO and Founder of NowSecure. “We conducted this extensive research and reported our findings to make mobile users, as well as enterprise IT and security teams aware of the danger of mobile devices and apps storing and transmitting sensitive and personal data insecurely.”

Consumers concerned about the security of their mobile devices and apps should take the following precautions:.

  • Enable a passcode, PIN, or pattern lock on their device
  • Log out of mobile apps when not in use
  • Only download apps from the official Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Update operating systems and apps when new versions are available
  • Avoid unsecured Wi-Fi

In addition, because a lot of mobile risk is hidden from users, NowSecure will soon launch a new security app for Android and iOS devices — NowSecure Protect. The app identifies security issues and vulnerabilities on a user’s device in real-time and provides simple instructions about how to make their phone or tablet more secure.

About NowSecure

As the recognized experts in mobile security and privacy, NowSecure protects the global mobile app economy and safeguards the data of millions of mobile app users. Built on a foundation of standards, NowSecure empowers the world’s most demanding organizations with security automation to release and monetize 30% faster, reduce testing and delivery costs by 30% and reduce appsec risk by 40%. Only NowSecure offers a full solution suite of continuous security testing for DevSecOps, mobile app supply-chain monitoring, expert mobile pen testing as a Service (PTaaS) and training courseware. NowSecure actively contributes and supports the mobile security open-source community, standards and certification including OWASP MASVS, ADA MASA, NIAP and is recognized by IDC, Gartner, Deloitte Fast 500, and TAG Cyber.

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