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mobile world

Announcing our latest advancements in mobile app assessment
  • Mobile devices are getting smarter, but not more secure.

    The ability to control and protect personal and professional data on the move can seem impossible. And as devices get more complicated, so does the threat landscape. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With tools, intelligence and device management solutions designed for mobile, you can proactively protect what’s yours anytime, anywhere.

What makes mobile so different?

Your mobile data is only as secure as your weakest mobile app


320 apps are installed on the average mobile device


50% of popular apps send data to an ad network


40% of devices don’t have a passcode


48% of Android apps have at least one high-risk security rating


Average device connects to over 160 unique IP addresses daily

Keeping Score... the State of Mobile (In)Security

Security starts with the ability to see. Explore dynamic and constantly updated mobile security statistics for over 180 countries, built on 104+ million data points every day.

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NowSecure for Enterprise

Today’s enterprises are really ecosystems. Highly networked mobile employees, customers and suppliers share data daily. Managing security in this mobile world requires a mobile solution. We’ve designed an integrated mobile security platform that spans development, testing, forensics, analytics and apps.

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It Starts with Development

In addition to a well-integrated enterprise mobile security solution, we believe mobile apps should be designed from the very beginning with better user security in mind. Our research insights have led to the creation of mobile app development best practices which we maintain for the industry.

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It’s What We Do

Since 2009, NowSecure has been relentlessly focused on creating a more secure mobile world.


5 books on mobile forensics and security


100+ customers from banking, healthcare, government and more


World-renowned mobile forensics capability


Industry-leading mobile app development best practices

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