How Mobile Is Secured


NowSecure takes a comprehensive approach to mobile security and built a complete platform — spanning mobile app testing, device monitoring, forensics and security intelligence — on top of a rich set of APIs developers can use to build custom solutions.


Safely bring your own device to work

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Assess third-party applications at scale

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Automate and manually test mobile apps

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Extract, parse and analyze device data

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Platform APIs

Protect API

Collect security-relevant data, get alerts and make decisions based on rules that best protect your organization. Protect helps enable security for BYOD.

Disclosures API

An API and command-line tool that facilitate responsible disclosures workflows. From creating and searching CVE data to calculating CVSS. Developed internally, now open.


Maintain your reputation and ensure the people who use your software are safe before you cut a release! Lab API integrates mobile security into the SDLC.

Intelligence API

Intelligence presents the Protect API data for decision makers. The API behind Intelligence allows you to roll this data into your own applications.

Open Source

Open source software makes our products possible and plays a crucial role in securing mobile. Take a look at our open source projects and also our Best Practices in Mobile Development.


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