NowSecure Forensics

Powerful, efficient mobile forensics for android and ios

Android and iOS data extractions

Extract and analyze key data from Android and iOS devices using forensically sound methods.

Automated rooting

Allows for the physical acquisition of data from Android devices. Root most Android devices version 4.3 and earlier.

Passphrase, Pattern, Pinlock Bypass

Temporarily or permanently remove a lock on an Android device (*with USB debugging enabled).


Network updates

Get your updates faster than ever before with automated updates

Third party app support

Decode app data from Google Maps, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Twitter, Yahoo mail, Outlook, and more

Automated data processing

Parse and process data including SMS, Images, Contacts, Call Logs, Accounts, Emails, and more

Built on Santoku Linux

Built on F/OSS that is designed for mobile forensics

Full physical & logical acquisitions

Complete physical, filesystem, logical, and backup acquisitions using forensically sound methods

Deleted data support

Allows for the physical acquisition of data from Android devices

All new timeline feature

View and parse data by year, month, day, hour, or second, all through a user friendly timeline graph

Bypass the passcode*

Temporarily or permanently remove a password / pattern / PIN lock on an Android device running OS 2.2 or higher (*with USB debugging enabled)

NowSecure Forensics Community Edition

The Community Edition allows you to complete filesystem, backup, and logical extractions, root Android devices, recover sms messages, contacts, call logs, and more.

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Burner Phones

NowSecure has developed tools to help unlock and access data for specific inexpensive pre-paid “burner phones” popular with criminals. This research is available at no cost to active employees of United States law enforcement, military and government agencies.

The tools provided include walk-through instructions and in some cases small executable programs which enable forensic investigators to unlock a burner phone and access its data. The phones targeted in this research were selected for US popularity. Phones covered include various models from manufacturers such as Samsung, Kyocera, and ZTE.

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