At NowSecure, we frequently talk to enterprise leaders overwhelmed with implementing the right mobile app security testing solutions. Choosing the right solution depends on how many apps your organization develops, how frequently you push updates those apps, how often you plan to test those apps, and what mobile app security metrics you need to report on.

To help you identify the right tools for the task, we published a free guide that identifies what to look for when evaluating and deploying mobile app security testing solutions.


Key concepts covered inside the guide

The guide explains four key criteria that you should consider when choosing the right mobile app security testing solution for your enterprise. Many readers may choose to look at all focus areas, or home in on the ones most important to them.

Depth of coverage: The more code defects and vulnerabilities you can find in your mobile apps before they are released, the better.

Repeatable, consistent process: The process for building and deploying secure mobile apps includes not only the security team, but developers and quality assurance managers as well. By building a repeatable and consistent process, you can more efficiently test your mobile apps and focus on enhancing your depth of coverage.

Usability in reporting: Reporting should be able to quickly and easily relate performance metrics back to company leadership. More mature mobile app security testing solutions can offer tremendous clarity.

Driving down costs to maximize return-on-investment: In order to make the most of new mobile app security testing solutions, evaluate how they will allow you to achieve your target outcomes. Ultimately, these solutions should allow you to fix flaws earlier in the SDLC to dramatically lower costs.

Important questions to ask vendors

Within each chapter, we’ve included key questions you should ask mobile app security testing vendors. These questions should enable you to dive deep on technical capabilities that are essential to your evaluation process.

Often, these are questions we’re asked about how our mobile app security testing solution performs analysis, reports on findings, and helps teams build a better mobile app testing process as part of the SDLC. If you would like NowSecure to help you answer these questions, contact us.

What are you waiting for? Download it now!

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