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Evaluation Guide for Mobile App Security Testing

Free Evaluation Guide
At NowSecure, we frequently talk to enterprise leaders tasked with implementing the right mobile app security testing solutions. Choosing the right solution depends on how many apps your organization develops, how frequently you push updates those apps, how often you plan to test those apps, and what mobile app security metrics you need to report on.We published this guide to share key concepts essential to mobile app security testing tools. We aim to help enterprises manage and secure the mobile apps that connect with their corporate assets each day.
There are key vendor questions in each chapter: What should you ask mobile app security testing vendors to better understand the technical capabilities essential to your evaluation process?
  • Coverage: How do you evaluate the entirety of an app while achieving accurate results?
  • Reporting: What metrics are needed for you? How can you benefit from using industry-standard guidelines?
  • Process: How do you evaluate testing during each stage of the mobile SDLC?
  • ROI: How do you evaluate your level of code coverage, security testing process, and reporting methods to measure the return on your investment?
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