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Mobile App Penetration Testing

Find vulnerabilities before the attackers do. Manage mobile app risk and costs with your choice of solution – software, services, or both.

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Deep-Dive Penetration Testing WithTHE ATTACKER’S POINT-OF-VIEW

As a mobile-first, mobile-only company, NowSecure focuses on real-world situations involving what is most accessible to the attacker – the mobile app binary. Save time, save money and scale your business by outsourcing to our seasoned pentesting team and/or using NowSecure automated software to conduct deep static, dynamic, and behavioral analysis on real iOS and Android devices – no source code necessary – covering these components of the mobile app attack surface:

  • Data at rest
  • Data in motion
  • Reverse engineering
  • Web services and API backend
mobile app penetration test
NowSecure Built on Open Source


Most security teams have a toolbox of multiple open-source and third-party tools they use to perform mobile app vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. Combining multiple open-source tools takes too much time, creates inconsistent testing environments, and offers little in the way of unified reporting.

NowSecure software and services build on leading open-source tools (Frida, radare, and Capstone) and combines proprietary tests to automate the mundane heavy lifting of a mobile app penetration test, creating a consistent test environment to find and exploit vulnerabilities in the mobile app attack surface.

By leveraging a consistent test environment:

  • Pentesters can prioritize and spend more time getting creative, reveling in the art of penetration testing
  • Security teams can process through their backlog of apps more quickly
  • Pentesters and security analysts can deliver quality reports faster
  • Leadership can trust and act on the results


NowSecure offers both automated software and professional services to thoroughly exercise the security of your mobile apps. Choose what you need now and scale over time as your business grows.


More than your average vulnerability scanner, optimize the testing time by automating the time-consuming aspects of a mobile app security assessment - configuring the test environment, running standard tests and generating comprehensive reports.


Use “hands-free” security testing in your DevOps toolchain. Then conduct regular insourced or outsourced pentesting for complete coverage. We walk the journey with you - from software onboarding, to ongoing training and mobile app certification.


Our team of seasoned pentesters and researchers are here to help whether you need immediate penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and/or training.
NowSecure Professional Services

Professional ServicesFor Every Step of the Journey

Our seasoned team of security professionals are here every step of the way, whether you need to triage urgent testing needs, develop a scalable mobile app security program, or provide ongoing training to developers and security professionals alike. Your Customer Success Manager helps guide and navigate throughout the journey, from onboarding to ongoing success, ensuring you get the full value of from NowSecure solutions. Leverage our expertise and efficiency for better security testing at a lower cost.

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Power Tools forSecurity Analysts

Boost your security testing speed by automating most of the heavy lifting, like test configuration and report generation, while providing the right details that matter. Execute hundreds of tests in minutes, exploring deeper within the mobile app, device, and network, when needed. Enable the business to deliver secure mobile apps faster. Enable your analysts and the business to deliver secure mobile apps faster, all at a substantially lower cost.

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NowSecure Tools for Security Analysts
NowSecure Mobile DevSecOps

Accelerate SecureMobile DevOps

Seamlessly integrate automated mobile app security testing into your DevOps toolchain without the challenges of traditional SAST/DAST tools. Remove bottlenecks, eliminate false positives and deliver the right details to fix vulnerabilities quickly. With “hands-free” security testing, NowSecure helps drive repeatability and scalability to enable a secure mobile business, year-round.

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