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Breaking Down the Real Source of Federal Mobile App Risk

Jordan Thomas is the Director of Customer Solutions for NowSecure. As a U.S. federal government employee, Jordan was first a NowSecure Federal Customer, then he joined the NowSecure team.

Why did you join NowSecure?

I joined NowSecure because as a former federal employee, I helped build mobile app security programs. NowSecure brought both the speed of app security testing as well as the breadth of coverage we needed.

How NowSecure Helps Government App Security

As a former customer turned fan of NowSecure, joining the company was a very easy decision. When I was working with the federal government and we wanted to help grow their mobile app security program, the two challenges we faced were:

  • How do you meet the growing number of apps we care about as an organization?
  • And, how do you scale your analysis when those apps come out on a very frequent basis?

The reason we chose NowSecure is because they helped solve those two problems. With monitoring those apps, getting automated analysis, and easy report generation — it made our job much easier, and allowed us to scale to meet our growing mission needs.

The NowSecure Mobile App Risk Program

The NowSecure Enterprise Mobile App Risk Management program is awesome. While MDMs are great for enforcing policy, we help boost your intelligence behind that policy to remove vulnerable apps and blacklist apps that pose a significant threat to your organization.

The NowSecure mobile threat assessment analyzes tens of thousands of apps in your organization and provides an Enterprise Security Score summarizing your risk. We also provide organizations a list of recommendations to remove apps based upon vulnerability or traits the apps have that introduce increased risks to your organization.

Mobile App Security Risks in the Government

While people think malware is the biggest mobile app security threat, in reality, poor security practices or poor security development practices pose a bigger threat to most mobile apps. Common vulnerabilities we find within mobile apps include sensitive data being leaked over HTTP — like passwords, usernames, geolocations, as well as remote code execution, man-in-the-middle of vulnerabilities, and a handful of others.

As a trusted mobile app security provider NowSecure wants to help your company achieve its goals. Get a free report today and experience the NowSecure difference.