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viaForensics Releases New JTAG Online Training

Contact: Hannah LaCorte

Tel: (202) 240-7611

Email: [email protected]

For Immediate Release

June 30, 2013 - 12:00 am

Today viaForensics announced the release of JTAG in Mobile Forensics Online Training, the latest forensic training product from the company. The three-part course is delivered through a self-paced e-Learning platform, and can be purchased through the Web site.

JTAG is a physical method of accessing data on smart phones and mobile devices that can be especially useful for locked devices, or when forensic software does not work. After many law enforcement customers and other partners expressed interest in viaForensics’ JTAG expertise, the company decided to create an online course of study. The training series was produced by Sr. Forensic Engineer Chris Triplett, who has delivered numerous mobile forensic training series.

“We believe this training can help forensic investigators who are interested in using JTAG to gather evidence or bypass PIN locks. It’s especially useful for those who need help getting started, and who may not have the time or budget to travel to live training,” said Ted Eull, VP of Mobile Services. He noted that existing JTAG training in the market can cost $3,500 and higher, plus travel time and cost.

The three-part series includes the following courses:

  1. JTAG-101: Background and Required Tools
  2. JTAG-102: Connecting to the Device
  3. JTAG 103: Imaging & Pattern/PIN Cracking

The online training, delivered using the Mindflash e-learning platform, can be accessed through popular web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer, using Adobe Flash. The system also offers an iPad app.

viaForensics has set the price for the 3-course series at $895 (USD), and also presented a special offer pricing the introductory JTAG 101 alone at only $19.95. The company hopes the law enforcement and forensic communities benefit from this training in the lawful investigation of mobile devices.

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