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NowSecure Announces World’s Most Advanced 3rd-Party Mobile App Security Vetting

NowSecure INTEL -- the latest addition to the NowSecure Platform -- empowers enterprises with the highest quality 3rd-party mobile app security intelligence to make swift, smart decisions about external app risk

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November 08, 2017 - 10:29 am

NowSecure®, the only provider of fully automated 360-degree coverage of mobile app security testing, today announced general availability of NowSecure INTEL™ for always-on, scaleable, and hyper-accurate security vetting of millions of the top public apps on the Apple® App Store® and Google Play™ store. Built on the NowSecure Platform™ and its advanced research-driven analysis engine, NowSecure INTEL gives enterprises unprecedented risk visibility and control over the ever-expanding mobile perimeter by continuously monitoring the security, compliance, and privacy of 3rd-party commercial apps from the official app stores.

To demonstrate the power, depth, and accuracy of NowSecure INTEL 3rd-party public app vetting, NowSecure is, for a limited time until November 30, offering qualifying enterprises one free NowSecure INTEL security report for one Apple App Store or Google Play store app of their choice. Request a free report now at

Most enterprises deploy approved 3rd-party apps that handle sensitive corporate, customer, and personal data, and with or without formal policies employees bring their own app-store apps into the organization. Few of those mobile apps receive full and proper security vetting. An average of 5,400 new Android and 1,500 new iOS apps are published to official app stores each day, and studies report that less than 33% of those apps undergo rigorous security testing prior to publishing. The thousands of mobile devices in the average enterprise with hundreds of apps installed per device can spawn millions of points of operational, compliance, and reputational risk.

Having performed security testing on millions of Apple App Store and Google Play store apps, NowSecure has revealed a surprising number of security problems, privacy violations, and compliance issues in a number of popular consumer and organization apps. For example: 49% of apps harbor at least one high-risk flaw, 17% of apps expose sensitive user data in transit, and 29% of apps reveal sensitive user data at rest.

“Enterprises struggle with the exponential increase in mobile app volume, and — having been in the mobile space for more than a decade — I’m concerned about how many third-party, consumer apps still fail to meet basic enterprise security standards,” said NowSecure CEO Alan Snyder. “I empathize with security and mobility teams that have gone far too long having to guess at the risk of third-party mobile apps. So based on customer requests and our industry knowledge, we have acted now to address this vast, critical risk vector.”

NowSecure INTEL continuously monitors the Apple App Store and Google Play store to automatically perform in-depth static, dynamic, and behavioral security analysis of new and updated 3rd-party apps on real iOS and Android devices. From there, NowSecure INTEL calculates, displays, and tracks a single standards-based NowSecure Security Score™ — along with detailed analysis findings required for proper risk management — and alerts enterprise mobility and security teams to actionable intelligence they can apply to their 3rd-party app management programs.

“To get visibility and manage external app risk at scale, the market needs a reliable benchmark from a trusted source for mobile app security intelligence. Therefore, we extended the NowSecure Platform with our new NowSecure INTEL solution to fill that gap,” Snyder said. “Our highly advanced technology built on a decade of mobile testing and forensics experience now empowers enterprise mobility and security teams to make informed risk management decisions efficiently and accurately based on high quality, always up-to-date, third-party mobile app security intelligence.”

The world’s most demanding enterprise mobility and security teams choose NowSecure for the industry’s most advanced and accurate mobile app security testing. They can now leverage NowSecure INTEL for “always-on” vetting of 3rd-party public apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play store because it delivers:

  • Visibility and control over the ever-expanding mobile perimeter — Thousands of employees using hundreds of mobile apps are poking security holes into the dissolving perimeter. With instant access to deep security insight into millions of the top Android and iOS apps, enterprise mobility and security teams can maximize the value of their enterprise mobility management (EMM) and threat intelligence products.
  • Highest quality, continuous 3rd-party app security intelligence mapped to industry standards — Only NowSecure INTEL performs in-depth static, dynamic, and behavioral security analysis of app-store app binaries on real devices from the attacker’s point-of-view. Legacy vendors’ informational scans report data of questionable value and are prone to false positives. NowSecure INTEL goes beyond by delivering comprehensive analysis with rich security data, detailed findings, and near-zero false positives. Reports map findings to multiple industry standards including Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE™) standards, National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) mobile app vetting requirements, the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 mobile risks, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and more.
  • Insight that empowers swift, smart decision-making about 3rd-party app risk — The continuous monitoring and comprehensive analysis provided by NowSecure INTEL makes it an unrivaled source for mobile app whitelist and blacklist management. Every app receives a proprietary NowSecure Security Score calculated based on security, compliance, and privacy findings and the industry-standard Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). With deep security analysis on-demand or via API from NowSecure INTEL, enterprise mobility and security teams can quickly and confidently manage 3rd-party mobile app risk.

To learn more about addressing 3rd-party mobile app risk with the power of NowSecure INTEL, register for a NowSecure industry webinar titled “Danger in the App Stores: 3rd Party Mobile App Risk for Banking and FinTech” on November 14 at Or, qualifying enterprises can request a free NowSecure INTEL security report for an Android or iOS app-store app of their choice at

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