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NowSecure Announces Workstation 7

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August 03, 2021 - 9:15 am

Extends the World’s First Pen Testing Toolkit with Productivity, Performance and Collaboration

Las Vegas, NV August 3, 2021 — NowSecure, the leading standards-based mobile app security and privacy software company, announced today a major update to its flagship mobile pen testing toolkit NowSecure Workstation 7. Used by mobile pen testing teams around the world, NowSecure Workstation boosts pen tester productivity through deep dive, interactive and automated security testing of iOS and Android mobile apps, collapsing a two- to three-week mobile app pen test to just one day. NowSecure Workstation 7 enables security teams to confidently scale their mobile pen testing program with the ease of use security analysts seek and depth of coverage their risk profile demands.

According to the independent industry group (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Survey, while 97% of organizations report that pen testing is important to their organization, 56% say that cybersecurity staff shortages are putting their organizations at risk. And only 8% of overall cybersecurity resources are applied to pen testing. Cybersecurity leaders are turning to a combination of training their own internal pen testing teams and leveraging tools and automation to drive pen tester productivity. NowSecure Workstation, in combination with NowSecure Training courseware, provides the ideal rapid enablement solution to help close mobile pen testing resource gaps.

“Mobile app security risk continues to grow, and a shortage of skilled mobile app pen testing resources hampers organizations’ ability to staff and complete manual mobile app security testing,” said NowSecure CEO Alan Snyder. “NowSecure Workstation 7 delivers a next- generation, modern experience enabling testers of any skill level to rapidly and deeply pen test their mobile apps to empower organizations to deliver secure mobile apps faster.”

Traditional manual mobile app pen tests require skilled security analysts using a myriad of tools and weeks to complete the manual testing and compile results into a report. NowSecure Workstation provides an all-in-one pen testing kit that dramatically boosts pen tester productivity, collapsing mobile app pen tests from weeks into a single day. NowSecure Workstation includes a laptop, two mobile devices and software for everything a mobile app pen tester needs right out of the box. Offering a battery of hundreds of mobile security, privacy and compliance tests, an intuitive wizard-driven interface and extensibility to work with advanced tooling and configuration, NowSecure Workstation was the world’s first all-in-one mobile app pen tester toolkit and continues to lead the industry as the world’s top mobile pen tester toolkit. 

NowSecure Workstation 7 delivers:

  • Modern user experience with updated navigation and an intuitive wizard-driven interface to speed pen tester productivity no matter what skill level
  • Enables complex testing scenarios including multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA), CAPTCHA, IoT, USB and Bluetooth connected equipment 
  • Comprehensive mobile app test engine combines static, dynamic, interactive and APISec testing with Frida, Radare and other advanced tooling
  • Includes testing for industry security, privacy and compliance standards including OWASP, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, NIAP, FISMA, PCI and more
  • Updated architecture delivers performance improvements to enable teams to complete testing and reporting faster than ever before
  • All findings include CVSS Score, description, evidence and remediation instructions to speed understanding, priority and resolution
  • Integration with NowSecure Platform to enable assessment report upload and collaborative sharing reports across teams 

NowSecure Workstation is a core component of the NowSecure Solution Suite — the world’s most comprehensive suite for mobile app security including NowSecure Platform for continuous security testing in the development pipeline, NowSecure Workstation kit for pen tester productivity, NowSecure Supply Chain Risk Management, NowSecure Pen Testing Services, and NowSecure Training Courseware for developers and security analysts. Built on a foundation of standards and automation, NowSecure empowers organizations to drive their success by delivering secure mobile apps faster and by continuously monitoring their mobile app supply chains for risk. Top mobile innovators, global organizationes and agencies trust NowSecure to secure their mobile apps including AT&T, Caribou Coffee, iRobot, Uber, and Zoom.

Learn more about NowSecure Workstation 7 here or request your demo online.

If you are attending BlackHat 2021, contact us to meet Live in Las Vegas or stop by our Virtual Booth online. And dont miss this virtual session with NowSecure Researchers “Cracking Fun with Frida & Radare: Mobile App & IoT Edition.”

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As recognized experts in mobile security and privacy, NowSecure protects the global mobile app economy and safeguards the data of millions of mobile app users. Built on a foundation of standards, NowSecure empowers the world’s most demanding organizations with security automation to release and monetize 30% faster, reduce testing and delivery costs by 30% and reduce appsec risk by 40%. Only NowSecure offers a full solution suite of continuous security testing for DevSecOps, mobile app supply-chain monitoring, expert mobile pen testing as a Service (PTaaS), and training courseware. NowSecure actively contributes and supports the mobile security open-source community, standards and certification including OWASP MASVS, ADA MASA, and NIAP, and is recognized by IDC, Gartner, Deloitte Fast 500, and TAG Cyber.

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