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Andrew Hoog, CEO and Co-founder of NowSecure

Andrew Hoog


Andrew Hoog is a computer scientist, mobile forensics researcher, and Founder and Board Member of NowSecure. Hoog has one patent issued, and two pending, and is the author of two books on mobile forensics and security. When not breaking (or fixing) things, he enjoys great wine, science fiction, running and tinkering with geeky gadgets.

Because Mobile Is Different

We’re excited that our CEO and co-founder Andrew Hoog will be presenting at this year’s RSA Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. With 1.2 billion smartphones and a corresponding 180 billion app downloads projected globally for 2015, mobile security is becoming increasingly essential to the economy. The rise of enterprise mobility has created unique data vulnerabilities which C-level personnel must understand if they are to implement effective strategies to mitigate against data and customer loss. This begins at the app level with ensuring that the apps your company creates and implements across its enterprise – and offers to its customers and suppliers – have been developed using best practices and undergone rigorous security testing. Users generally trust that major app marketplaces, such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store, thoroughly vet the apps they offer, but security doesn’t seem to be a top priority. Far too often, apps enter the market without proper safeguards in place. Almost 50% of Android apps, for example, have one high risk security or privacy flaw… yet they remain in the app stores.

These so-called “leaky apps” are making data privacy, not malware, the top industry imperative.

NowSecure’s breaking research is revealing massive mobile data insecurity. At our RSAC 2015 Breaking Research presentation to be held Wednesday April 22nd, we’ll share details of our own study of more than 62,000 apps that reveals almost 50% of mobile Android applications have at least one high risk security or privacy flaw. In the highest risk app category, gaming, that number jumps to 60%. And even if you’re not one of the 75% of mobile users who have at least one game on their phone, it doesn’t mean you’re safe. 28% of finance apps, for example, had at least one high risk security issue. The problem of app insecurity is one of universal concern because these so-called “leaky apps” are making data privacy, not malware, the top industry imperative. As a company focused on mobile security since our inception, we offer the most comprehensive mobile security solutions and services in the industry. With expertise spanning forensics, mobile incident response, research, testing and offering an integrated enterprise platform, we’ve gained unique insights into the mobile ecosystem and what it takes to safeguard data in the mobile enterprise. Even if you can’t attend the presentation, we encourage you stop by and see us at booth #3135 in the North Hall. And if you’re willing to participate in a quick 15 minute demonstration of NowSecure Lab™, our mobile app security assessment solution, you’ll get one month of our cloud-based app testing product FREE, allowing you to perform automated code analysis and generate detailed security reports for as many mobile applications as you’d like.