NowSecure Launches GovAppDB™ and Threat Assessment Service to Support New Federal Mandates for Mobile Security and Privacy

The solution suite enables agencies to quickly access security threat reports, vulnerability information and SBOMs for commercial mobile app supply chain to support federal tracking and reporting mandates from EO, CISA OMB and DoD

NowSecure Launches GovAppDB™ and Threat Assessment Service to Support New Federal Mandates for Mobile Security and Privacy NowSecure Launches GovAppDB™ and Threat Assessment Service to Support New Federal Mandates for Mobile Security and Privacy Show More
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2019 Predictions for Mobile AppSec and DevSecOps

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Amy Schurr

Content Marketing Director
Amy Schurr is content marketing director for NowSecure. A former B2B journalist, she has spent her career covering technology and how it enables organizations.

With 2019 upon us, the NowSecure team has given a lot of thought about what’s in store for mobile application security and DevSecOps in this new year.

While predicting technology developments and security incidents may seem trite, peering into the crystal ball and prognosticating about the future has also been an interesting and fun exercise. Please join us for our Jan. 23 webinar, “Mobile App Security Predictions 2019.” Our CEO, CTO and CMO will share their take on mobile transformation trends and emerging security/privacy threats while forecasting the future of the mobile ecosystem and world of automated DevOps.

In the meantime, here’s what we think is on the horizon for 2019:

“The public will demand better control over privacy and security from corporations (particularly data collection agencies, advertisers, social media and ecommerce). As regulatory pressure for governance grows, we may see the regulatory equivalent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the United States.” — Shahzad Bhatti, NowSecure Principal Engineer

“Attackers will increasingly target mobile users and find new tricks to fool them as mobile OSes and platforms improve their security.” — David Weinstein, NowSecure Chief Technology Officer

“At least four major, mobile-centric breaches that will make the world news.” — Brian C. Reed, NowSecure Chief Mobility Officer

“Unless major legislation is put in place, Americans and their oh-so-short memories will continue to not be concerned about breaches and companies will continue taking momentary PR hits that don’t significantly affect their bottom lines.” — Erik Szpyra, NowSecure Application Support Technician

“Nearly all future mobile incident response issues are going to be related to open-source libraries.” — Tony Ramirez, NowSecure Mobile Security Analyst

“Retail in-store mobile experiences will grow dramatically, creating a new set of security and risk concerns. The Internet of Things will have the same effect on the automotive industry.” — Alan Snyder, NowSecure CEO

“Apple and Google will continue to lock down security and implement major controls in future mobile OS releases, making it more difficult to jailbreak, root and test apps.” — Michael Krueger, NowSecure Senior Mobile Security Analyst

“A company will have a major security breach from an insecure third-party mobile app that allows the attacker to steal username and password, which is then used on other organization apps to expose corporate data.” — Brian Bugge, NowSecure Mobile App Security Advocate

“Automated, integrated dynamic testing will gain momentum as more companies recognize and prioritize mobile appsec.” — Brian Lawrence, NowSecure Solutions Engineering Manager

“Continued reliance on phone numbers and SIMs for authentication and one-time passwords will lead to more security problems.” — David Weinstein, NowSecure CTO

“We will see another testing acronym from the industry analysts and pundits — DAST, IAST, SAST, BAST…” — Adam Schafer, NowSecure Solutions Engineer

“Security testing vendors will claim Artificial Intelligence (AI) this and Machine Learning (ML) that, laying on too much hype with no value.” — Brian C. Reed, NowSecure CMO

Eager to hear more? Don’t miss our Jan. 23 webinar, “Mobile App Security Predictions 2019,” which is bound to offer a spirited live roundtable panel discussion and audience Q&A.