Charged with law enforcement and witness protection, the U.S. Marshals Service carries out sensitive missions at home and abroad. With marshals and investigators on the go and handling sensitive information on their smartphones, mobile app security merits careful scrutiny in the federal government agency. Of chief concern is the danger of apps potentially leaking data to high-threat nations like China or Russia.

Seeking greater insight into the risk level of third-party apps found in the Apple® App Store® and Google Play™, the U.S. Marshals Service turned to NowSecure for mobile application security vetting. Security analysts can quickly evaluate an app for security, privacy and compliance risks to uncover vulnerabilities and take appropriate action. Not only does the NowSecure solution reduce agency risk by strengthening mobile application security, it also boosts productivity and improves the morale of employees who now have access to the mobile apps they want and need to do their jobs.

To learn more about how NowSecure helps the U.S. Marshals verify the trustworthiness of apps used in pursuit of its law enforcement mission, read the case study here.

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