Probably more than you think.

DevOps isn’t an overnight transformation.

The process is more akin to modernizing a well-loved 40-year-old house. When you begin the process, you start with the end in mind with great gusto and big aspirations – beauty, privacy and comfort wrapped into a forever home.

You look forward to the day you don’t have sweat stains from merely laying on the couch, lamenting the air conditioner that’s broken yet again.

You’ll be able to cook dinner on a stove that won’t combust by looking at it the wrong way.

You’ll have a dishwasher that doesn’t take hours to run a cycle, using 100 gallons of water in the process, yet leaves last night’s dinner stuck to the plate.

Remodeling a house takes careful planning, significant investment of time and money, and patience when working with many different subject-matter experts.

Now, you wouldn’t leave that newly modernized house unlocked and open for any delinquent to waltz in and wreck it, right?

Didn’t think so.


The time for securing DevOps, especially for mobile apps, is here.

DevOps requires cross-functional teams to align goals, communicate more frequently, and build trust in order to achieve more efficient release processes.

Providing incremental value to customers through faster releases clearly impacts the business. Many of the tech giants that adopted agile mobile app development early, like Apple, Amazon, and Netflix, are now in the top 25 positions on the Fortune 500.

Digital businesses have improved speed-to-market and increased customer engagement via mobile. Yet the speed and complexity of mobile app development continue to create significant challenges for organizations attempting to secure this process.

At NowSecure, we are singularly focused on mobile application security and have been in the trenches with top security teams across the public and private sectors for a decade. We understand securing DevOps is a multi-stage process, and every organization is at a different part of the journey.

So, we pulled together a phased approach that we’ve seen successfully used by organizations moving to secure DevOps, to ensure mobile apps are responsibly developed and secured.

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