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Announcing NowSecure Lab Automated: Mobile app security testing with results in minutes

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Keith Mokris

Keith Mokris

Former Product Marketing Manager at NowSecure
Keith drove product marketing efforts at NowSecure. He considers himself a content creator with skills ranging from video production to graphic design to photography. He enjoys translating technical information and building a voice behind software products.

Today, we’re officially announcing the release of NowSecure Lab Automated, a first-of-its kind mobile app security testing solution for iOS and Android. Lab Automated allows security professionals, quality assurance teams, and development groups to automate mobile app security testing to find and fix flaws more quickly and easily than ever before.

Many enterprise mobile app security programs consist of time-intensive manual testing performed by distributed teams using unstable, unsupported open-source or incomplete commercial technologies. Setting-up, maintaining and piecing together reports from these tools exhausts security practitioners’ already limited, not to mention expensive, time. But, Lab Automated changes all that.

One dashboard for all your mobile apps

Lab Automated app dashboard

Our SaaS solution offers a cloud dashboard as well as an API to automatically kick-off security assessments for iOS and Android apps. In the cloud dashboard above, users can see all of their apps in one window.

Automated mobile app security testing on real devices

Lab Automated assessment

Lab Automated performs static and dynamic analysis of apps on real devices, not emulators, in NowSecure’s real-world testing environment. Every time a user initiates a test, our system loads the mobile app onto an iOS or Android device to perform a security assessment. Tests include code analysis, native library hooks, network traffic, and more.

Results in minutes

Issue summary

Assessments via Lab Automated complete in less than twenty minutes. This allows teams to efficiently upload an app, configure a security assessment, see live screenshots of tests as they’re performed, and view a standardized report mapped to industry-standard security guidelines.

With speed unmatched in the mobile security industry, developers know right away about problems and corresponding risk rating so that they can fix the issues right then, rather than having to go back weeks later when they’ve moved on to something else.

Integration with your build and deploy tools: Github and JIRA

Integrations panel

As teams look to benefit from the speed from Lab Automated, they want to efficiently track issues found during assessments. Users can now connect Lab Automated with continuous integration and bug-tracking tools that are already part of the DevOps technology stack. Every time an app assessment is performed, app vulnerabilities are created as issues inside of Github repos or JIRA projects. We have a growing list of planned integrations on our product roadmap.

See it in action

The playlist above features two videos offering a quick look at how to run a mobile app security assessment and view a report in Lab Automated. To learn how you can use Lab Automated to make your mobile app security program more effective and efficient, or to request an in-depth demonstration of the technology, contact us today.