Security test any Android or iOS mobile app using the new viaLab CE. Free to download and available now.

What it is:

viaLab Community Edition (CE) is the freely-downloadable version of the powerful mobile application security testing suite, viaLab.

Features included in viaLab CE:

  • Network Capture testing from viaLab
  • Built in emulator
  • Sensitive data searches
  • Automation scripts
  • Device provisioning
  • Limited reporting

viaLab CE is free to download. Learn more and download from

How it Works

viaLab allows you to install apps on a provisioned Android or iOS device (or emulator), then test the security of those mobile apps through a variety of vulnerability assessments.

At the beginning of an assessment, you can input key information to search for including usernames, passwords, and keywords. viaLab also supports regular expressions, as seen below (note – all images cropped for spacing):


After each test, viaLab will search any data recovered for the keywords, usernames, and passwords you provide. In the images below, viaLab has found a password and an auth token during the network capture step.



After all tests are complete, viaLab will provide you with a report detailing any findings.


viaLab CE is free to download and available now. Learn more on

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