Lab Automated allows security professionals, quality assurance teams, and development groups to automate mobile app security testing to find and fix flaws more quickly and easily than ever before.

This month’s update to Lab Automated features powerful automation improvements, reporting enhancements, and expanded JIRA integration.

Enhanced reporting, automation, and integration features

We’ve put more features right at your fingertips so you can increase your code coverage and improve the security of your app.

Automation script customization

Action strings

Now it’s easier than ever to customize automation scripts to ensure more complete testing coverage of your app. There are times when our default script needs modification to navigate common mobile app screens. We’ve added custom automation strings in the Configure window so you can easily build a more complete UI script and enhance code coverage.

View Certificate information for your apps

View certification information

Within the Lab Automated UI, easily inspect certificates used by your app to make sure they’re up-to-date and valid. Any certificates in use by the app are displayed and include the type of key, number of bits, serial number, URL, and common name associated with each certificate.

Custom field support now included for JIRA integration

Lab Automation allows users to integrate their results with common bug trackers like JIRA and GitHub. Now, users that integrate with JIRA can add custom fields before and after their assessment. These fields will then appear within every JIRA ticket.


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